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Hay Day Town Strategies, Tips, and More New Walkthroughs

Collection of Hay Day town strategies, tips, and more tricks or walkthrough you want to know

As we said before, the Hay Day website which offered tips, tricks, wiki for Hay Day players would bring more stretegies, walkthrough of Hay Day. Recently they have focused on sharing strategies, tips, tricks and wiki about Hay Day town.


Hay Day town, another big part for players to expand, decorate, feed animals and serve town visitors. If you don't know how to flourish the town in Hay Day, check the following below.

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Strategies, tips and tricks for Hay Day town and town buildings

There are seven town service buildings in Hay Day town and one town train station. If you are unsure what strategies you can adopt or uncertain about how to upgrade it and what strategies, tips, tricks you can use in them to fulfill your need. See those:

  1. Must-Read Hay Day Town Strategy to Run it Better!

  2. The best Hay Day town upgrade strategy

  3. Tips about Hay Day Train Station You Need to See

  4. Quickly Upgrade Hay Day Town Hall to its Max Level

  5. Strategies about Hay Day Bed and Breakfast & Upgrade it Fast

  6. Suggestions for Playing Hay Day Grocery Store Players Must Read

  7. Tips and Upgrade Tricks on Hay Day Gift Shop Players Need to Know

  8. How to Upgrade Hay Day Beach Cafe Fast

  9. Tips and Tricks to Upgrade Hay Day Spa Quickly

  10. Walkthrough about Hay Day Town Cinema You Must See

Tips and Walkthroughs about Hay Day town building materials

Town building materials are items to upgrade town service building on Hay Day town. Here are tricks and tips for getting more and fast. Read:

  1. Methods to Get Hay Day Town Building Materials Fast

  2. How to Get Hay Day Bricks ( Most Useful Methods )

  3. Ways to Get More Hay Day Tar Bucket in a Short Time

  4. Hay Day How to Get Hammers Fast (Tips and Tricks)

  5. How to Get Hand Drills in Hay Day Quickly

  6. 6 Ways to Get Stone Blocks Fast in Hay Day

  7. Fast Methods to Get Paint Buckets in Hay Day

Cheats and Tricks for Hay Day town land expansion

Land expansion is another imperative problem for players when running the town. However, there are not easy to find. We've gather the methods of earning them to help you. Have a loook:

Hay Day Best Ways to Get Expansion Items 2021

Fastest Get Hay Day Expansion Materials 2021

Hay Day Hack for More Land Deeds, Mallets and Marker Stakes

Tips about Hay Day town Sanctuary

Hay Day town Sanctuary is the home for wildlife.When you reach the certain level, you have the chance to unlock it and decorate it. But, there are some tips to step the process up.

Fastest Way to Unlock Hay Day Sanctuary

Quickly Get More Hay Day Puzzle Pieces to Unlock Sanctuary Animals

Hay Day Christmas Designs and Decorations on Snowy Town Sanctuary

Other Hay Day Tips You Need

How to Get Rid of Foxes on Hay Day (Guide)

What does the Exclamation Mark on Hay Day Farm Pass?

Fast Get Rid of Hay Day Frogs (Tutorials)

What is Hay Day Dock? Is It Worth Repairing?

What are Hay Day Boat, Boat Points and Boat Booster?

Hay Day Bot - Android Automatic Tool to Auto Farm

Hay Day Android Bot is an auto farming tool developed by Game Bots team. It can automatically plant, harvest, and sell wheat, corn and carrot for players 24/7 without stopping. What's more, Hay Day Bot can automatically play multiple Hay Day farms on one Android mobile!

Download Hay Day Android Bot

As Hay Day Bot has those automatic features, Hay Day Bot is considered as an effective hacking tool and Hay Day cheat for the game resources like Hay Day coins, Hay Day supplies including building materials, land expansion materials, clearance materials etc.

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Hay Day Hacks Bot for iOS

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  1. Download Hay Day from Panda Helper.

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Hay Day Bot

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Hay Day iOS Bot console

  1. Follow [About] to arrange the fields as shown for Hay Day Bot first.

Hay Day iOS Bot About page
Set fields for Hay Day iOS Bot

  1. Go to the [Main Function] and configure Hay Day Bot as you wish:

Hay Day Bot for iOS

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