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      About Panda Helper VIP

      1. Buy Panda Helper VIP to enjoy more exclusive and updated apps, more exciting features, unlimited Common Certificates, and limited Super Certificates.

      Tips: Super Certificates work on iOS 13 or above without crashing unless revoked by Apple. Common Certificates may be revoked or crashed. After revocation or clash, you can only buy Super Certificates or wait for new Common Certificates.

      1.1 Buying different VIP plans will get different numbers of Super Certificates, as follows.

      • Plan of VIP
      • Monthly VIP
      • 1-Month VIP
      • 6 Times Card VIP
        6 times within a year
      • 2-Month VIP

      1.2 After purchase, click "Download VIP Version" on the VIP page to automatically install the VIP with the Super Certificate, and install apps in the VIP version will also use it. After the number of Super Certificates obtained by buying a VIP is used up, if you don't buy an extra Super Certificate, the installation of the app will automatically use a Common Certificate unless revoked by Apple.

      The number of my Super Certificates?

      2. The purchase is valid only for the payment device. If you change to another device, you need to pay again.

      3. Don't buy VIP just for a hack app. because the hack may get patched, may not be updated, or may not work the way you expect.

      4. By using or otherwise accessing the Services, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

      5. Before paying, confirm the above contents carefully. There are no refunds after activating PandaHelper VIP!