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    How to Level up Fast in Hay Day 2022- The Best Guide

    Hay Day is an exciting farm management simulation game. For many players, leveling up is an essential task for us. Many gameplays can only be unlocked at certain levels. The player’s level is displayed on the blue five-pointed star in the middle of the game page, and the progress bar next to it is the progress of your current level to the next level. There will be rewards when you reach the corresponding threshold, and you can also get diamonds as a reward for upgrading.

    Level up Hay Day

    How to Get XP in Hay Day 2022?

    Level up Hay Day

    1. Harvest Crops and Harvest Animal Products.

    Crops include crops you plant in the soil and fruit trees and bushes that you produce directly from. Animal products include products from the animals you raise and fish ponds to catch lobsters and ducks.

    Level up Hay Day

    2. Harvest Items in Production Buildings

    You can purchase production buildings by clicking on the shop icon in the lower left corner. Click on the production facility and drag the item you need to craft, and harvest the thing after the time required for that item is over to gain experience.

    Hay Day Visitors

    3. Fulfill Orders for Trucks, Ships, and Town Visitors

    You can ask other farmers to complete the orders you cannot complete, and the corresponding gold coins and experience will also be obtained by the farmers who provide help. Truck orders can tear up charges you don’t want to fulfill. The Boat can’t tear up orders, but if you don’t complete all orders on time, the Boat will go away, and you won’t get extra rewards. If the order of town visitors in the small town does not want to be completed, they can directly send the visitors away.

    Hay Day Visitors

    4. Sell products to Visitors

    There are five kinds of Visitors, including Greg, who will visit your farm from time to time and stand in front of your yard asking for specific items and paying you a sum of money. You can choose to reject or accept their deal, agreeing to the agreement, and you’ll get the money and experience.

    Reviving Dead Trees

    5. Reviving Dead Trees and Bushes

    Sometimes you will see dead trees with exclamation marks in other farmers’ homes. Click on the trees to restore green and gain experience. You may also receive a thank you note from a farmer who has helped.

    Hay Day Tom

    6. Click on the Balloon Popped by Tom

    When you end Tom’s employment for a while, a slowly rising balloon will appear on the screen. Click it to gain a certain amount of experience.

    hay day pets

    7. Wake up Your Pets and Wild Animals.

    Feed your pets and wild animals to wake them up, and you’ll gain experience. Wake up every once in a while.

    How to Level up Fast in Hay Day 2022?

    As you level up, the experience required to level up increases, making it harder for you to level up. After knowing the above ways to gain experience, how to level up faster in Hay Day 2022? Here are the most helpful tips for you!

    hay day booster

    1. Experience Booster

    If you turn on the +50% EXP accelerator, your EXP gained from all operations will become 1.5 times the original amount.

    hay day event

    2. Check the Event Board to Prepare for the Double Experience Day

    There are different events every day, you can check the specific content in the event version, and you can also check the following week’s events in advance on Hay Day’s official Facebook and Twitter.
    There are often double XP order events, and at the same time, the order on the day of the event will turn purple and show that the experience gained will be doubled! This is a great time to level up fast! You need to prepare enough items in advance, complete as many orders as possible on the day of the event, and you can use some boosters, such as the booster that automatically fills the cabin, to help you gain more experience!

    hay day wheat

    3. Plant and Harvest Wheat

    If you have enough time to play the game, you can repeat the planting and harvesting of wheat. Because wheat is the shortest growing and fastest harvesting crop, you can gain more experience while harvesting quickly.

    If you are tired of manual planting and harvesting, then you can try to download Hay Day Bot to help you automatically harvest, plant, and sell.

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