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    What is Hay Day cheats and how to use it?


    While playing Hay Day, you may want to get cheats of Hay Day to help you get unlimited coins and diamonds, use the currency in the game to buy more production buildings and products, and even shop decorations for expensive items.

    You can use diamonds to speed up various progress, buy unique decorations, and even buy items you need. I’ve also tried looking for Hay Day Cheats that work for unlimited items/ Coins/ Diamonds 2022 but found them unusable. Most are scams. I am often annoyed by insufficient supplies to upgrade my storage building. Until finally, I found this Hay Day Bot to cheat the Hay Day game successfully.

    Hay Day Bot is a cheat tool based on the original game that adds some modifications to help you experience the game better without affecting your account. Common Hack functions include unlimited coins, diamonds, automatic planting, harvesting, and sales. Hay Day Bot is a robot that helps you manage your farm automatically. Next, I will introduce you to Hay Day Bot’s function and how to use Hay Day Bot.

    Hay Day Bot features

    • Compatible with all series of iPhone/iPad devices
    • Auto Switch Supercell ID accounts
    • Auto plant(Wheat, Corn, Carrot)
    • Auto harvest
    • Auto sell them in RoadSide Shops

    Hay Day’s farm helper, Rose, can automatically make feed and feed the animals, while Ernest can help you make dairy and sugar products. You can get boosters to use for free. And as the level increases, players can own more and more land. So here comes the problem. You have to spend a lot of time harvesting and growing crops, and when you quit the game, you won’t be able to harvest. The game has no farm helpers or boosters to help you harvest and plant.  You can’t have more crops, harvest seeds for seeds, make products, or even sell crops! The farm helper also can’t work if you don’t have enough crops.

    Hay Day doesn’t have a bot that can automatically grow and harvest, and the Hay Day Bot is one such cheats bot tool.

    Advantages of using Hay Day Bot

    Hay Day Bot is the best bot developed by game bots for Hay Day games. Using Hay Day Bot has these advantages:

    Hay Day Bot works on iOS and Android devices.
    Hay Day Bot works 100%
    Hay Day Bot is free to use
    Hay Day Bot can help you grow automatically (wheat, corn, carrots)
    Hay Day Bot can help you harvest automatically
    Hay Day Bot can help you auto sell and set up ads

    After the Hay Day Bot helps you sell crops at the roadside shop, you get not only more coins but also more building materials. Break the daily limit and get more building materials with Hay Day Bot!

    How to run accounts switch in Hay Day Bot?

    Download Hay Day from Panda Helper.

    Start to run Hay Day downloaded from Panda Helper and take turns logging in multiple Supercell IDs that have been prepared.

    log in hay day

    supercell id

    After logging in to your Supercell IDs, tap on the Panda icon to get the Hay Day Bot.
    *Every user can start the 15-min free trial every 24 hours.

    panda bots

    hay day bot

    You will see the Hay Day Bot appears on the right side of the screen.

    Click on the bot to open Hay Day Bot settings page. And check the Account Switch function in the settings page.

    hay day cheats

    Then scroll down the screen to set up the Account Switch function in further detail.

    hay day cheats account

    You can set further detail in the settings for each account, including field rows and crops.

    hay day cheats settings

    If you don’t know how to set it, you can refer to the instructions on the [About] page to set it.

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