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    01 Privileges of VIP

    • Provide Super Certificates(Less Revokes)

      The VIP version can avoid revocation 99% of the time by using super certificates.

    • Download VIP Apps

      You can download all apps provided by Panda Helper, including VIP and free.

    • Get iSigner for free

      iSigner can (re)sign iOS apps and manage them.

    What is Panda Helper?

    • Panda Helper is a 3rd-party App Store that provides apps you can not find on Apple App Store. In addition to the official apps, some tweaks,mods, and hacked games are the most popular apps in Panda Helper. Mainly, Panda Helper provides various Game Tools, and you can use them to speed up games, record screens, or do other operations. You can think of Panda Helper as an alternative to the official iOS App store and Cydia for jailbreaker. Panda Helper can run on iOS and Android APK. Enjoy yourself in Panda Helper!

    What is the Certificate?

    • Signing certificates are issued by Apple. You need a signing certificate to install apps that are not listed on Apple App Store. We need to pay Apple to get a signing certificate to help you sign apps, so some of the certificates we provide also need to be charged.

    Is Panda Helper free?

    • We provide “Free Version” and “VIP Version.” If you don’t want to purchase a VIP, you can download “Free Version.” You should know that the free version uses common certificates. If Apple revokes the common certificates, you need to wait until there are new common certificates before using them. You can also purchase a VIP to get super certificates, which are more stable than common certificates.

    Is Panda Helper VIP free?

    • You can join our Facebook Group. We will draw lucky users to get a free VIP experience.
    • Panda Helper’s facebook group

    Is Panda Helper safe?

    • Yes, Panda Helper is entirely safe. While downloading and installing Panda Helper, you do not need to provide that your Apple ID. Panda Helper will not access and share any of your personal information.
    • The apps you download from Panda Helper are uploaded after being reviewed by the Panda Helper team and confirmed to be safe and non-toxic, so you won't download any malware in Panda Helper that will harm your device.

    What service does Panda Helper VIP offer?

    • You can get super certificates to download apps more stable when you become a Panda Helper VIP. You can use Game Tools such as Cheat Engine, app cloner, cloud save, etc., to improve your gaming experience.

    How to download Panda Helper iOS version?

    • Firstly, you must choos the version you want, free version or VIP version. After you choose, you can install a Panda Helper configuration profile onto your iPhone or iPad. Then tap Install on the next screen, and you will see Panda Helper icon on your home screen. More detail about Download Panda Helper iOS Version.

    How to download Panda Helper Android APK?

    How to download and install apps from Panda Helper?

    • 1. Tap the "Download" button at the top of this page.
    • 2. Choose "Free Version" or "VIP Version," allowing a configuration profile.
    • 3. If you choose "VIP Version," you need to purchase and activate VIP.
    • 4. After installing according to the guide, you can find Panda Helper on the home screen.
    • 5. Open Panda Helper, search for the app you need. If you can’t find the app you want, contact us:
    • allow a configuration profile

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