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    Install cheats for Hay Day 2024 on Android and iOS without jailbreak


    Many Hay Day players wondered if there was a hacked version of Hay Day Cheat that would make it easier for players to enjoy the game. The answer is yes. We often see various cheats for hay day presentations online, but is it 100% working?

    What Are the Cheats for Hay Day 2024?

    Hay Day is among the most brilliant farm simulation games. The game is time-consuming and naturally progresses slower, making players feel the need to speed up. Indeed, if you want to match the Hay Day pace, you can’t afford to miss the top Hay Day cheat codes that help you access unlimited items in the game, such as diamonds, coins, and essential building materials.

    How to Get Unlimited Money Cheat for Hay Day?

    When you don’t want to progress slowly and wait for your crops to grow naturally yet slowly, you can rush the construction or crop growing using the premium currency known as Diamonds and coins purchased in-app stores using real-world money. Ideally, diamonds are some of the most valuable items on Hay Day; hence most of the exploits, cheats, hacks, and tips all point towards getting free diamonds without paying an in-app penny store.

    Remember, you can embrace various legit techniques to obtain diamond coins in another form of in-game currency required to buy new livestock, decorate your farm, and place new buildings. Suppose you searched Google for Hay Day diamond generators. In that case, Hay Day cheats having the false 999999 diamonds, Hay Day coin generators, or something of the sort, at least you have experienced these faulty diamond coins generators work. You do a quick survey, hop from one website to another, all with jammed advertisements, do the human verification, and at the end of it all, you end with nothing except being disappointed.

    What is Hay Day Bot for Android?

    While cheat diamonds are not available for Hay Day, there is a Hay Day Bot for Android that is 100% working and will not be banned. Fortunately, the Hay Day Bot can help you automatically grow and gain more experience in your gaming. The modern Hay Day Bot is an automated planting, harvesting, and selling humanoid program from the Game Bots Team. It is now available for Hay Day Android devices.

    Typically, Hay Day Bot has been upgraded to V1.4.4 by a team of Game Bots to run on any Android device, including the Android 7+ system. Probably, if you have been the Hay Day Bot Beta, it is now time to update to the newest version, the V1.4.4, and have a chance to enjoy your Hay Day game.

    Unlike the old version, the 2022 Hay Day Bot is 100% usable and safe, especially since developers maintain it regularly.

    Hay Day Cheat


    V1.4.4 Hay Day Bot 2024 Features:

    Auto plant your Carrots, Corn, and Wheat.
    You don’t have to toil on the farm while planting. With V1.4.4 Hay Day Bot, no manual operations are required. Your crops will get planted automatically once you have enough seeds. You still have the power to choose the crops to grow based on your farm needs.

    Auto harvest.
    After auto-planting your crops and they are ripe for harvesting, the Hay Day Bot will do the harvesting automatically without you doing the manual work. Gain experience over time as well as get random expansion materials while harvesting.

    Auto sells your produce in roadside shops.
    Many crops are being harvested, and at the same time, the stocks are limited. Fortunately, Hay Day Bot can identify and list the excess crops on your roadside store. At least ten at a go, and you control the selling pricing. One trick to selling faster is selling at a lower price. For example, wheat is relatively affordable, so they ensure that your price difference is acceptable in the market.

    Auto Advertise.
    Like the actual life advertisement, if your crops selling on the roadside store are not an advertisement, they may have a small sale volume or take so long to sell all the stock. Auto advertising helps sell your stock in time and prevents the pilling up of crops in your warehouse.

    Compatible with all Android devices (At least Android 7.0+)
    Before using Hay Day Bot, please note that you are using a device with 7.0+ Android.

    Recent updates include:

    1. Include a badge reminder.
    2. You can now switch accounts. Currently, there are three default numbers of planting. In the new version 1.4.4, the number of automatic planting and title reminders has been added. It is possible to customize your game setting in Hay Day Bot.

    Is There a Cheat for Hay Day on iOS?

    Now, you can not only experience Hay Day Bot on Android devices, but you can also experience Hay Day Bot iOS on iOS devices because the Panda Helper team has also added Panda Bot to allow players to use Bot to play various games.

    Hay Day Cheat


    Hay Day Tricks and Tips.

    Here are some of the best Hay Day tricks and tips you can use to build up your farm faster.

    Use your diamonds prudently.

    You can receive about 30 free diamonds at the start of the game. Using the rush feature during the tutorials is highly recommended since it is free for the first few buildings you will be establishing. Immediately your rush feature starts using your diamonds; it’s time to discard it. Should you spend your diamonds to speed up your crops at no given time?

    Plan your livestock, crops, and finished products.

    Keep on monitoring your truck requests switchboard and focus on attaining your goals. Recognize the products you need most, grow them immediately, feed your livestock, and manufacture the feeds. Remember to produce only the specific products needed when filling requests to avoid overcrowding your barn and silo very early.

    Scale up your production facilities.

    Each production facility, such as the dairy and feed mill, only starts with two build slots. Spend gems when you want to increase the queue space of what is mainly used to keep your farm working even when you are not playing.

    Scale up your barn and silo.

    Please hold on to all the building supplies you get for the first time, even when tempted to sell them initially for a mega coin windfall. Remember, the barn and silo have both limited capacities; over time, you will be required to expand your buildings for more supplies. This allows you to bank more crops, fill orders, and finish products.

    Monitor Greg’s farm deals daily.

    Greg is a typical non-player character who becomes your first friend on the farm. You can learn a few things from his farm when you visit him and buy a few items from his roadside shop, just like a real friend does. The main difference between Greg and a real player is that he sells his valuable items at a reduced price, and his inventory takes only a day to refresh.

    Generate building materials very quickly using wheat.

    Sometimes you can experience trouble securing building materials when looking forward to expanding your barn and silo. In such an instance, you can use the heating technique. It involves planning all your fields with wheat, harvesting, and replanting. Each harvest has a chance to generate building material. Wheat is preferred because it proliferates, making your processes faster. When you sell your wheat through a newspaper ad, you have more chances of securing many coins besides the building materials.

    Always remember to claim your achievement diamonds.

    Once you have an achievement completed, you receive a free diamond. Tap on your house and the achievement you have already completed to claim them. Indeed, this places the diamonds in a readily usable condition, i.e., in a stash.

    Embrace using the roadside stand regularly to earn more coins.

    Please place them in your roadside stand after setting a price when you have additional items. To make faster sales, set a low price.

    Make use of complimentary newspapers advertisement to your advantage.

    Free ads are sometimes available in newspapers after a few minutes, usually five minutes. You must plan your sales so you don’t spend on diamonds. Only the items you select will appear in the newspaper ad.


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