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Hay Day Final Jolly Update of This Year Comes and Adds New Tasty Products

Hay Day new updates with various tasty products

Hay Day rolls out its jolly update V1.49.4 for a truckload of tasty products and imporvements for players. As those productes are for high levels, if you don't reach the levels, you can't see it. However, it is not a problem, Panda Hay Bot is to help you automatically. Check the following to see how to use Panda Hay Day Bot for experience points, unlimited materials and coins.


New Products for Hay Day V1.49.4

  • Chocolate roll
  • Chocolate pie
  • Snack mix
  • Stuffed pepper
  • Veggie bouquet
  • Rice balls
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Fried candy
  • Peanut milkshake

After you update Hay Day, don't forget to open the diamond package in front of your farm house.

Panda Hay Day Bot for Experience Points, Unlimited Materials and Coins

Panda Hay Day Bot is a bot for Hay Day to auto plant, auto harvest and auto sell goods for players. During the autoplaying process, players will get experience points, unlimited coins and materials without any effort. Head over to Panda Helper and enjoy this fancy bot for Hay Day.

Panda Hay Day Bot Feature

  • Account Switch
  • Auto plant(Wheat、Corn、Carrot);
  • Auto harvest;
  • Auto sell them in road-side shops;

How to Use Panda Hay Day Bot

  1. First download the Hay Day game from Panda Helper.

Click to Download Panda Helper

Hay Day Bot for iOS v1.1.1
2. After entering the Hay Day game, Click Panda icon on the screen to get the Hay Day Bot.
Hay Day Bot for iOS v1.1.1
3. By clicking on "Hay Day Bot", you can learn more about the supported devices.
Hay Day Bot for iOS v1.1.1
4. Tap the button "Get" to run the Hay Day Bot, then click the Panda bot to open Hay Day Bot settings page.
Hay Day Bot for iOS v1.1.1
5. In Main Function:

  • Plant & Sell
    Hay Day Bot for iOS v1.1.1
  1. There is also a tutorial for beginning players in About page.
    Hay Day Bot for iOS v1.1.1Hay Day Bot for iOS v1.1.1
  2. Hay Day Bot will help you set your fingers free and automate in-game tasks.

Panda Bot Free for a Limited Time

Panda Bot is currently in beta test and is free for users to try and use.
Every users can start the 15-min free trial every 24 hours.
You can purchase additional duration if you want to get longer hours of use per day.

If you have used the panda bot feature, please fill out the questionnaire to give us your feedback.

Click here to redirect

The free time may expire at any time, the final display on the Panda Bot page shall prevail.

Panda Bot Contact:PandaHelperBots@gmail.com

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