The solution to the prompt saying "Please install the latest Panda Helper"

Recently we have received a lot of feedback from users who have downloaded apps from elsewhere on the web and are prompted to download the Panda Helper in order to use the apps. This is because these apps are got from Panda Helper, so they can only work if your device have the Panda Helper installed.

When you start an app, the prompt to download Panda Helper appears, please try to download Panda Helper Regular (Free) first.

Install Panda Helper Regular

In the event of a revoked certificate or other problem that prevents you from downloading the Panda Helper, the following solutions are provided for your information and use.

For Jailbreak users:

After jailbreaking and downloading the app from the internet, if you encounter a prompt that you need to install Panda Helper, but the Panda official website is not available to download, you can open the site below in Safari to download and install Panda Helper Regular (Free).

After installation, open the app again and then can use it normally.

For Non-jailbreak users:

Non-jailbroken users download the app from the Internet, sign it and install it on the device. When encounter the prompt to install Panda Helper, but the official website cannot provide the download, you can follow the steps below:

  • Click on the link below to download the IPA file of the Panda Helper first.

  • Use the sideload tool to sign the Panda Helper free yourself and install it on your phone.
  • After the installation of Panda Helper is complete, open a previously unavailable app again. And it will work.

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