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    No Jailbreak! DolphiniOS iOS 14 Emulator Turns Your iPhone Into NGC|Wii


    DolphiniOS iOS 14 is a well-known Emulator app that allows players to play Nintendo GameCube (NGC) and Wii classic games on iPhone / iPad. One of the players even experienced Nintendo GameCube (NGC) on the latest iPad Pro. The combination of fresh and retro is also very interesting. Let me share with you how to use DolphiniOS. Follow the steps. It is also very convenient to get started.

    DolphiniOS Wii

    How to Turn iPhone Into a Wii via DolphiniOS

    1. Download DolphiniOS iOS 14 on iPhone

    Dolphin iOS 14 game Emulator is an application not listed on the App Store. Go to Panda Helper to download DolphiniOS Emulator IPA.

    Panda Helper free web version

    If you don’t know how to download Panda Helper and how to download apps from Panda Helper, please check out this tutorial: Free Download Panda Helper on iOS and Android

    After installing, go to Settings-General-Profile and Device Management to trust the certificate. Open the Panda Helper app, search DolphiniOS and install it.

    2. Prepare Game File Resources.

    To make it easier for you to download game ROMs, here is one of the download sites for NGC and Wii game ROM.

    3. Install iPhone Management Tools on PC

    Install a third-party iPhone management tool like iMazing, Tongbu Assistant, etc. Here I will use Tongbu Assistant for a demonstration.

    4. Connect iPhone to PC

    Connect the iPhone to your computer, go to “Apps-FileSharing,” and find the “DolphiniOS-Software” folder.


    5. Import Game ROM

    Import the game ROM you downloaded into the “DolphiniOS-Software” folder.


    6. Play Wii/NGC Games on iPhone/iPad

    Open DolphiniOS Emulator on your iPhone or iPad, pull down, and refresh the page to see the game.

    Play Wii:NGC Games on iPhone:iPad

    Click to start the game. You can also make related operations in the settings.

    DolphiniOS Turns iPad Into Wii

    Conclusion: iOS Emulator DophiniOS Alternatives

    In addition to DophiniOS, there are still many good emulator apps for iOS, such as Delta Emulator, iNDS, PPSSPP, Happy Chick.

    No Jailbreak! DolphiniOS iOS 14 Emulator Turns Your iPhone Into NGC|Wii
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