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Adjust Game Speed on iOS 15 by Panda Speeder

What is Panda Speeder

Panda Speeder works on iOS 14 and iOS 15 for iDevices without jailbreak. As you play mobile games, do you feel that the speed of games is too slow or too fast? Sometimes the pace of games is so slow that you want to accelerate it as soon as possible, or the game is so fast that you don’t react well, and the game is over. A tool can solve the speed problem, which is

Panda Helper Speeder – a fantastic tool that helps you solve the speed problem and makes the speed under your control!

Panda Speeder

Before the Speeder was released, if you expected to change the speed of games, you had to jailbreak devices to get the hack tools applied to games. But not all people plan to jailbreak devices. For unjailbroken devices, Panda Speeder is the available tool to hack speed on iPhones or iPad. It is safe and flawless when you use it on your devices to accelerate games or slow them down. For games like King’s Raid, Kritika: The White Knights, or Coin Master, The Speeder is an excellent method to change speed!

Eight Critical Things About Panda Speeder You Need to Know:

1) Panda Speeder Only Supports Apps Downloaded From Panda Helper.

Panda Helper is an alternative App Store that provides a variety of apps like hacked, tweaked,++, and paid apps. If there are no apps you want to use, Panda Helper Speeder, please tell us what apps you expect us to add speeder by our IPA Elves. How to use IPA Elves?

2) The Speeder is on a Floating Icon.

When opening apps downloaded from Panda Helper, you will see a floating icon. Tap it to get the Speeder.

Panda Speeder in the Floating icon

3) 6 Hours Trial Time for Speeder on Each App.

Panda Speeder is a paid service on Panda Helper. Before you purchase it, you have 6 hours of trial time on each app supported to experience how it works and the effect it could be.

4) Purchase Panda Speeder to Enjoy It Continuously.

On the one hand, here is the tutorial on purchasing and using the Panda Speeder in the games.

On the other hand, if you are not a VIP user. Here supply another tutorial with a different Panda Speeder plan for Non-VIP users for you to refer to.

5) The Speeder Can’t Work on All Apps.

As the mechanism of apps limits its function, the speeder can’t work on all apps.

6) This May Cause Your Account to be Banned at Your Own Risk.

Due to the cheat detection from apps, there are risks to be banned.

7) The Functions of the Speeder Button(See Pictures Below):

Hide: to close the Speeder.
Decelerate: slow down the speed.
Times: how many times do you want your game to work? E.g., 5.2 means you want a 5.2 times faster than before. -5.2 means you want it to be 5.2 times slower.
Accelerate: accelerate the speed.
Run: tap it to make Speeder work after setting the speed by Decelerate or Accelerate button, or stop Speeder.

Functions of Panda Speeder Button

8) The Method to Use Panda Speeder on Android devices:

If you are an Android user, don’t worry. You can learn the tutorial on how to use the Panda Speeder to Speed us the games on an Android device.

How to Get the Speeder on iOS 15?

1) Download and Install Apps From Panda Helper.

2) Open Apps and Wait a While for a Floating Panda Icon.

3) Tap the Panda Floating Icon.

4) Tap “Get” Near Speeder.

5) Speeder Appears Over Apps and Sets It to Get the Use.

Some Games That Support the Speeder

Some games that support the acceleration function are sorted out. And the following is the concrete tutorial. You can refer to them.

Videos About Panda Speeder:

Here are some tutorials for games using the Speeder. You can refer to it if you are interested.

  • [Speed Hack] Kritika: The White Knights iOS/iPhone

  • [Speed Hack] King’s Raid Demo

  • [Speed Hack] Postknight Demo

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