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Solve [Prompt] Notification when opening apps from Panda Helper

The Solution to [Prompt] Notification

Sometimes you will meet a [Prompt] notification continuously when opening apps downloaded from Panda Helper. Don't worry. Follow this method to solve it.

1) Go to  devices Settings>Privacy>Advertising>Turn off the limit Ad Tracking


For iOS 14 devices, Settings> Privacy > Tracking> Turn off "Allow Apps to request to Track"

2) Open apps where shows [Prompt] and tap"OK" to download profile.


3) Go to Settings to install the profile successfully.

There are two places to see it. One is on Settings, and the other is on Settins > General > Profiles & Device Management


4) After installing it successfully, come back to the page where it shows [prompt] automatically.

Now enjoy apps without Prompt.


Q: How do I solve "Profile Installation Failed" when I install the profile?

A: Try those methods to solve it.

  • Restart your devices, and change DNS of wifi to or to try. (Here is an instruction of changing DNS) then install the profile.
  • Or change the wifi or using your mobile network or vpn to install again.

Q: Why does [Prompt] appear continuously after I install the profile successfully?

A: The main reaon of [Prompt] continously apearing is that you don't turn off the limit Ad Tracking. Please check whether you turn it off: Settings>Privacy>Advertising>Turn off the limit Ad Tracking

Q: How do I turn off the limit Ad Tracking when it's grayed out?

A: Try solutions below:

  • Go to Settings > Screen time > content& privacy restrictions > Advertising > choose"Allow"
  • Go back to the limit Ad Tracking to check again whether it is able to turn off.

Sometimes even though you choose"Allow" Advertising, it is still grey. Follow this method: Sign out Apple ID to turn off limit Ad Tracking.

  • Go to Settings > tap iTunes & App Store > Tap your Apple ID > Select Sign Out.
  • Go back to the Limit Ad Tracking screen. It will no longer be grayed out.

Contact our customer service if you need help: panda.helper.com@gmail.com

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