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Hay Day Bot Beta Automate Hay Day on Android

[Update] Hay Day Bot V1.1.0
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We have recevied tons of requests for Hay Day mod version because Hay Day is one of the most popular farming simulation game with over millions players in 122 countries. Hay Day simulates farming business management. You will plant crops, harvest wheat, feed cows or other animals to make products and sell them to run your own farm as a real farmer. When you play Hay Day, do you image running your own farm more automatically?


Now we find a gaming bot named as Hay Day Bot developed by Game Bots platform will help you automatically manage your farm! You are able to set it to auto plant crops, auto harvest and auto sell crops on your roadside shop to automate the game.

How to install Hay Day Bot Beta on Android devices?

Hay Day Bot is a beta version supporting Android 7.0 and up operating system and 16 : 9 (1280 * 720) resolution. If it can't work on your devcies, try using computer emulators to use Hay Day Bot Beta.

Step 1: Install Panda Helper Android Version.


Step 2: Install Game Bots app from Panda Helper Android version.


Step 3: Open Game Bots app.

Step 4: Get Hay Day Bot.


Step 5: Grant two permissions.

It is neccessary to grant floating window and accessibility permissions of Game Bots app on devices settings. If not, Hay Day Bot can’t work well.



Step 6: Game Bots floating icon will appear.

It means it is able to work.


How to install Hay Day Bot Beta on PC?

Hay Day Bot Beta not only works on mobile devices, but also work on PC as you install an Android emulator. LDPlayer 4.0(Android 7.1) is used as an example on the below steps, which is an Android emulator. Other emulators are the same usage as LDPlayer.

Download LDPlayer: https://www.ldplayer.net

Step 1: Install an emulator software.

Step 2: Change the resolution of the emulator into 720*1280 (dpi 320).

720*1280 (dpi 320) is suitable for Hay Day Bot Beta to run.


Step 3: Install Hay Day from the emulator.

Step 4: Install Panda Helper Android Version from our website.

Step 5: Install Game Bots from Panda Helper.

Step 6: Open Game Bots and get Hay Day Bot Beta.

Step 7: Grant the permission to make Hay Day Bot Beta work.

Step 8: Game Bots floating icon will appear.

How to use Hay Day Bot Beta to automate Hay Day?

See Game Bots News Section, and you will find detailed instructions about how to set Hay Day Bot Beta to accomplish auto plant, auto harvest and auto sell. Have fun!

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