Tap Titans 2 Bot Automates Tap Titans 2 for Android

Save energy and time with Tap Titans 2 Bot. Automate Tap Titans 2!

Tap Titans 2 Bot is a dedicated bot for Tap Titans 2. It makes Tap Titans 2 auto-upgrade sword masters and heroes, auto click screen slaying giant titans and bosses, and even include automatical prestige! Let's see how to get Tap Titans 2 Bot and use it for your Tap Titans 2 adventure.

Tap Titans 2 Bot for Android Features

- Auto Click

- Auto combat Titans

- Auto upgrade Sword Master & Heroes

- Auto Prestige

- Work 24/7

- Supports Android 7.0 and above systems

- Supports All Ratios

How do I Download Tap Titans 2 Bot for Android?

Step 1: Install Panda Helper Android Version.

Step 2: Install Game Bots app from Panda Helper Android version.

Step 3: Open Game Bots app to get Tap Titans 2 Bot.

How to Use Tap Titans 2 Bot on Android?

Need to grant floating window and accessibility permissions of Game Bots app on devices settings. Otherwise, Tap Titans 2 Bot can't work above Tap Titans 2.

Step 1: Grant two permissions.
It is necessary to grant the Game Bots app's floating window and accessibility permissions on device settings. If not, Summoners War Bot can't work well.



Step 2: Game Bots floating icon will appear.

Step 3: Open Tap Titans 2 and press the icon to run Tap Titans 2 Bot.
There are two modes you can select before you apply the bot.

  • Unlimited AFK mode: You don't need to set Tap Titans 2 Bot, which will work for you after you tap the "Run" button.
  • Manual Setup mode: You can customize Tap Titans 2 Bot: how to upgrade Sword Masters here and do the prestige as you wish.
  • When you need more guides for setting, check【About】on Tap Titans 2 Bot.

Step 4: Wait for Tap Titans 2 Bot to work.

Video Demo for Tap Titans 2 Bot on Android Devices


If you need help, please contact Game Bots team by email.

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