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How to Install Panda Helper Jailbreak Version?

Today I will share two ways to install Panda Helper Jailbreak Version. Before installing Panda Helper Jailbroken Version, please ensure your devices have been jailbroken. If you haven’t jailbroken your devices, we recommend unc0ver to jailbreak devices because it can jailbreak most of them. Here is the tutorial about using unc0ver to jailbreak devices.

Since it frequently happens, you are familiar with the revoke problem when you use a third-party app store. It is a continuing headache for most people, so many choose to jailbreak their devices to avoid the problem. However, there is another problem. After jailbreaking devices, people don’t know where they can download and install hacked or tweaked apps easily on their devices.

Now Panda Helper releases Panda Helper Jailbroken Version. Installing hacked, tweaked, and paid apps from Panda Helper is not a problem, and easier than before to get apps! You don’t have to find the solutions of installing tweaked apps everywhere.

After you jailbreak your devices successfully, let’s install Panda Helper Jailbroken Version.

Method 1: Install PandaHelper From Cydia.

First, open “Cydia” and tap “Source > Edit > Add” to add Panda Helper Repo.

cydia add panda
Enter “” and press “Add Source.”

enter cydia
Then wait for adding Panda Helper Repo successfully.
Go to Panda Helper Repo to install the must-have tweaks and Panda Helper app.
If you have installed those tweaks, you may not see them on the repo.

Install tweaks and Panda Helper App
Go to Cydia’s “Install” tab to know if you install them successfully.

install panda helper repo
Finally, use Panda Helper App on the screen to enjoy hacked apps without revoking.

Method 2: Install Panda Helper From the Website.

Please install Appsync Unified tweak first, then install Panda Helper from the Panda Helper website because the tweak protects your devices against revoke detection.
It is easy to install it after you follow this tutorial.

Guide to install Appsync tweak

Now install Panda Helper from our official website. Go to the Panda Helper jailbreak website.

Tap “Download Jailbroken Version.” Press “Install” on the right when you see a popup window.

Wait for it to install on your home screen.

Open a jailbroken version of Panda Helper to install apps.

Video tutorial about Installing Panda Helper Jailbroken Version:

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