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How to Install Panda Helper Jailbroken Version?

Before installing Jailbroken version Panda Helper, please jailbreak your devices and install Appsync Unified tweak.

We recommend unc0ver to jailbreak devices since it is able to jailbreak most of iOS devices. After jailbreaking devices, installing Appsync Unified tweak is necessary. If you don’t install it, you can’t install apps on jailbroken devices successfully. Therefore, it is important to install Appsync Unified tweak.

This article will share the methods of jailbreaking devices, installing Appsync Unified and installing Panda Helper jailbroken version .

1.Using unc0ver to jailbreak devices.

There are two methods to install unc0ver and jailbreak devices. One is to install unc0ver from normal Panda Helper app and the other is to install unc0ver from PC.

Here is the tutorial to use unc0ver: https://www.pandahelp.vip/blog/unc0ver-ios13-5-jailbreak-tool-released/

2.Install Appsync Unified tweak.

You need to add Appsync Unified tweak source to Cydia and install it after you jailbreak devices. It is easy to install it if you follow this tutorial.

Guid to install Appsync:

3.Install Jailbroken version Panda Helper.

Step 1:Go to  Panda Helper website.
Step 2: Tap "Download Jailbroken Version"
Step 3: Tap "Install" when you see a popup window.
Step 4: Wait for it to install on your homescreen.
Step 5: Open jailbroken version Panda Helper to install apps.

Video tutorial about Installing Panda Helper Jailbroken Version:

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