Get Auto Clicker for iPad on iOS 14/15 without Jailbreak

What is Auto Clicker for iPad can do?

Like the Auto Clicker used on the iPhone, the Auto Clicker can also be used for operation on the iPad. You can use Auto Clicker for iPad to save game time.

After using the Auto Clicker, you can free yourself from the boring repeated clicking on the screen and realize the function of automatic battle in the game, so you can use the time to do other things.

What is Auto Clicker for iPad from Panda Helper?

Auto Clicker for ipad-panda

You don't need to jailbreak your device to install the Auto Clicker, you can install it directly on Panda Helper. What's more, Panda Helper not only provides Auto Clicker, but also other functional tools, such as: Speeder, Auto Touch, Cloner, IPA Elves, Cheat Engine, Save Data and so on. The download method are the same.

How to get Auto Clicker for iPad iOS 14/15 without Jailbreak?

1.Download Panda Helper on your iPad.

2.Download any app from Panda Helper, the app with the purple icon below is the one that supports the use of the Auto Clicker, otherwise the APP doesn't support the use of the Auto Clicker.
Auto Clicker for ipad

3.Wait for appearing a floating window with a Panda icon and tap it.

4.Tap"Get" near Auto Clicker.
Auto Clicker for ipad

5.Tap"+" button or "Swipe gesture" button to add target sights and change the data of it if you need it.
Auto Clicker for ipad

6.Move the target sights to the places where you want it to click automatically.

7.Run Auto Clicker on iPad with iOS 14/iOS 15 without Jailbreak.
Auto Clicker for ipad

Video Demos to use Auto Clicker for iPad

[Auto Clicker] on Summoners War for iPad

[Auto Clicker] on Roblox for iPad

Suggestions and Tips for using Auto Clicker for iPad

For Auto Clicker bar:

Auto Clicker for ipad

  1. Run: Tap this button to run Panda Auto Clicker after you set it.
  2. Add: Add target sights.
  3. Swipe: Add pairs of target sights to swipe.
  4. Remove: Remove target sights in order.
  5. Settings: To save and load Auto Clicker configuration you set for this game. (It will disappear after you uninstall apps)
  6. Hide: Hide Auto Clicker bar if you don't need it.

For Target sights:

Auto Clicker for ipad

You are able to edidt all target sights sperately in Panda Auto Clicker. It doesn't mean you need to set all since there is the default. They are only options if you need to change them. Let's see how they work.

  1. Edit Target 2: 2 is the name of target sights you are editing.
  2. Start Delay: It means that after how long you want this target sight work. (1 sec = 1000 ms)
  3. End Delay: It means that after how long you plan it to stop working. (1 sec = 1000 ms)
  4. Duration: The length of time that the target sight lasts. (1 sec = 1000 ms)
  5. Randomization Radius: Adjust the range of click to be closer to target sights.
  6. Enable: Tap it to apply the settings for the target sight.

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