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    Use Auto Clicker for Roblox mobile iOS 17 no jailbreak -Panda Auto Clicker


    This is a complete guide to playing Roblox with Auto Clicker on iOS mobile. We can speed up the game process and relax our fingers using the Auto Clicker. And we can learn to download it from the tutorial on downloading Roblox for free.

    Auto Clicker is a tool from Panda Helper for players. It can finish repeated tasks automatically for players.

    The auto clicker can be used differently as a massive group of thrilling and fantastic games on Roblox. Today, we will share one method to apply Auto Clicker on Roblox. Since Panda Auto Clicker can run on iOS 17 and iOS 16 without jailbreak, it is safe and convenient for you to use.

    Auto Clicker for Roblox 1

    What is Panda Auto Clicker

    Panda Auto Clicker is a paid and valuable automatic click feature that simulates finger click reactions on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). It supports clicking single targets and multiple targets and swipes automatically so that it is adaptable for many types of games or apps like Roblox, Tap Titans 2, and Coin Master.

    In addition, if you are interested in the Roblox similar games, you can refer to similar Roblox games analysis: Roblox VS. Minecraft.

    How to Get Panda Auto Clicker for iPhone/iPad

    Panda Auto Clicker is a PRO Feature.

    – For Panda Helper free users
    you can purchase the Panda Auto Clicker feature separately without paying Panda Helper VIP. Then, you can experience the games that support this feature.

    – For Panda Helper VIP users
    you can enjoy a lower price for Panda Auto Clicker (up to 75% discount).

    Tips: Because the selling price may be adjusted according to market strategy, the final price is subject to the purchase page.

    Then, let’s learn how to use Auto Clicker for Roblox!

    How to Use Auto Clicker for Roblox on Mobile iOS No Jailbreak

    △ Video tutorial:

    △ Text tutorial:

    1. First, download Panda Helper.

    First of all, you need to download Panda Helper. If you have already installed Panda Helper, please update it to the latest version. Open Safari and go to Panda Helper’s official website to download Panda Helper.
    > Download Panda Helper from the official website

    2. Then, download Roblox From Panda Helper

    Search for Roblox in Panda Helper and install it.

    3. Next, open Roblox and tap the Panda icon to activate Auto Clicker.

    Once Roblox is installed, please open it and wait for the Panda icon to appear in the game. Tap on the panda icon, and you will see Panda Auto Clicker in the pop-up.

    Auto Clicker for Roblox 2

    4. Then, add targets on Roblox and run Auto Clicker.

    Press”+” to add one target. Here, we add four targets. And then, press the start button to execute Auto Clicker.

    Auto Clicker for Roblox 3

    Auto Clicker for Roblox 4

    5. Rotate the map to use Auto Clicker in another place.

    Tap the start button again to pause the auto clicker, and then we change another place to use the auto clicker by rotating the map.

    To save the configuration, you can tap the gear icon on the control bar to save it.

    Auto Clicker for Roblox 5

    6. Don’t forget to tap the start button on the control bar to restart the Auto clicker. As there are more methods to apply for the auto clicker, every function is detailed if you want to know how to use the Panda auto clicker. Check out Panda Auto Clicker Beginner Guide for iPhone/iPad

    Tips: Panda Helper provides 9 features to players to power up games in different ways. In addition to the Panda Auto Clicker, described above, there are Panda Speeder, Panda Cheat Engine, Panda Cloner, Panda Auto Touch, Panda Cloud Save, Panda iSigner, Panda Save Date, Panda IPA Elves.

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    Use Auto Clicker for Roblox mobile iOS 17 no jailbreak -Panda Auto Clicker
    Similar Roblox games analysis: Roblox VS. Minecraft

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