How do you add music to KineMaster?

Today, we will learn the entire process of adding or importing audio files in KineMaster. Later, we can use the music file (mp3) as a layer and fine-tune the video. Later in this tutorial, I will also let you know where to find some music clips that can be legally used in your project.How do you add music to KineMaster?
If you just want to edit your personal video or you don't plan to use audio for commercial purposes. You can use any music you like. If you want to use audio with platforms like YouTube, you need to make sure that your last music did not infringe any copyright. You can find free copyrighted music in these places: YouTube Creator Studio and SoundCloud. YouTube has its own official source of music files, and anyone can use music files in their videos without any copyright issues. SoundCloud can find a lot of wonderful music files uploaded by artists. Each artist has its own T & C.
How do you add music to KineMaster
How do you add music to KineMaster? To get started, you need to already have some video clips. You can use any of your videos on your device. Alternatively, you can simply use the image as a short clip. Click the Audio menu in the media panel to import music clips. You can import music files by clicking on the audio options on the right media panel. Then select the music you want to import. Click on a music file and then the plus (+) icon to add music. Once done. Click the check mark (✓) in the upper right corner to save your changes.

You can now add multiple adjustments or changes to the audio file. You can add audio filters or adjust the compression of the audio to suit your requirements. You can designate audio tracks as background music or loop audio files.

So here are three simple steps to add music to or import music to KineMaster. or. You can also record your own voice directly through KineMaster.

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