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    What is Blacklist App and how to use it to an-ti revokes on iOS?


    What is a blacklist for iOS?

    Users may encounter revoked apps when installing apps on iOS from third-party app stores such as Panda Helper or iOSGods. Users may also encounter expired signatures when installing apps signed by AltStore with a personal certificate. The result is that none of the users can access these revoked and expired apps on iPhones or iPads. We call this the iOS encounter blacklist app issue.

    What can the Blacklist App do?

    This Blacklist App specializes in solving blacklisting issues with iOS so that you can continue using these apps without interruption.

    First, the Blacklist App effectively unlocks enterprise-signed apps that have been revoked by Apple, and it also effectively restores apps that have been sideloaded through the AltStore using personal certificates. Finally, you can also use WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit to bypass the three-app limit when sideloading IPA files with a free Apple Developer account.

    How does Blacklist App works?

    Blacklist App is an innovative tool. It utilizes the MacDirtyCow vulnerability to bypass blacklist restrictions and help users remove revoked apps from the system blacklist so that the apps continue to run. Blacklist App is suitable for iOS 15 – iOS 15.7.1 & iOS 16.0 – iOS 16.1.2 devices. In short, you can run sideloaded or revoked apps from third-party app stores on your iPhone or iPad without worrying about getting them revoked.

    How does Blacklist App works

    It is also very simple to use. Simply click on the icon to open the software after installing Blacklist IPA on your compatible iOS device. It makes fixing blacklisted apps very simple.

    Note: This tool is not compatible with iOS 15.7.2-15.7.5 and iOS 16.2 or later.

    How to install Blacklist App on iPhone, iPad without computer?

    Blacklist IPA is an application that is not available on the Apple App Store, so you can only download it from your browser or a reliable third-party app store. Here, we will demonstrate in detail how to download software from Panda Helper without a computer.

    • Open the Blacklist App download page using your iPhone, iPad browser and follow the on-screen instructions.
    • Install Panda Helper on your iPhone or iPad and open it.
    • Search for Blacklist App IPA in Panda Helper and download and install it.

    How to install Blacklist IPA for iOS on PC?

    If you want to use tools like AltStore, Scarlet, or Trollstore to sign apps using your personal developer account, then you can follow the steps below. Here, we will demonstrate in detail how to sideload an app using AltStore on a PC:

    • Download and install AltStore on your PC.
    • Connect your PC to your iPhone or iPad with a data cable and install AltStore on iOS.
    • These processes will require you to enter your personal developer account and password.
    • Next, go to Settings > Profile and Device Management > Trust Developer on your iOS device.
    • Use Safari, the browser on your iPhone or iPad, to visit the Blacklist IPA website and download the IPA, send it to the AltStore, and open it for signing and installation.

    How to choose a sideloader?

    • For iOS 14, we recommend choosing TrollStore.
    • For iOS 15.0 – 15.4.1, you can choose TrollStore, AltStore, or Sideloadly.
    • For iOS 15.5 – 16.1.2, you can choose AltStore or Sideloadly (excludes iOS 15.7.2 & 15.7.3).
    • iOS 16.2+: Unfortunately, there is no support for sideloaders, and never will be.

    Alternatives to the Blacklist App

    In addition to installing and using Blacklist App, users can block iOS devices from accessing “http://ocsp.apple.com” and “http://ocsp2.apple.com “. This method prevents iOS from downloading revocation files to iPhone and iPad, which in turn prevents the app from being revoked by Apple.

    However, there is a downside to this method in that it doesn’t always work all the time.

    An alternative way to resolve certificate revocation issues is to utilize DNSCloak.

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    What is Blacklist App and how to use it to an-ti revokes on iOS?

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