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How to use Clash Royale Cheats to get unlimited money?

Clash Royale is the first derivative of the Clash of Clans game. I believe that many players tried to get in touch with Clash Royale because of Supercell‘s first game, Clash Royale. So please keep reading. Clash Royale is still a game worth playing for a long time. If you are interested in card games or are a big fan of Clash of Clans, you should also try Clash Royale. Today I will share more tips on using Clash Royale cheats for unlimited Gems.

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Overview of gameplay

Clash Royale is an exciting card game. Many of the cards in Clash Royale are derived from Clash of Clans, but the gameplay is entirely different. In Clash Royale, you should collect cards and use to compete with your opponents. The team that destroys the opponent’s tower wins first.

The basic gameplay of the game has been introduced before. Next, you must understand the acquisition and function of currency in the game: coins and gems. You have to get stronger to be able to defeat your opponent. So you need to upgrade your cards or get more cards. You can use coins to level up and buy cards while using gems to buy rarer chests in the store with a chance to get more items.

Clash Royale cheats

Clash Royale Cheats for unlimited money

Having said that, many players can’t wait to know how to use the unlimited money version. Next comes the most critical part.

First, the Clash Royale Hacked Version installation is safe from Panda Helper, check the tutorial about how to get Clash Royale Hack here. Then you can log in to your account and start to use it. After you log in to your account successfully, you will get 1000000 Gems. The use of gems will not be reduced in the modded version, which means you can use unlimited gems to buy any item you need.

How to use unlimited Gems?

Then regarding the use of gems, you can buy emotes, chests, and coins in the shop. And treasure chests are the primary way to get rare cards. You can directly open chests obtained in the in-game store without waiting. You can also use gems to open the chests you won in the arena.

Many players want to form an ultimate battle deck to win the game, but such a combination often requires rare cards. The most powerful part of Clash Royale Private Server Hack is unlocking all the cards in your card packs. It also unlocks rewards and obtains unlimited card energy during the event. Upgrade your cards to a higher level, and win crowns!

After that, you can also use the coins purchased with gems to strengthen your cards, improve their attributes, and make them more powerful in battle! Winning battles will earn more trophies and unlock more generous prizes!

More ways to get Gems

The author of Clash Royale Private Server Hack is not so timely in updating this mod, so sometimes it may not be updated in time, and you need to wait for the author to update before you can continue to enjoy the infinite gems.

If you want to get more gems for free when you can’t use the Clash Royale Private Server Hack version, here are some ways for you:

  1. The game gives 100 gems at the beginning of the game.
  2. Open the crown chest to get 2-4 gems.
  3. Obtained in the Trophy Road.
  4. Sometimes free gems appear in the daily store.
  5. Win in Special Event Challenges or Global Championships.
  6. Get Gems from certain magic items.
  7. Complete the Mastery quest.

Clash Royale FAQs

Q: What do star levels do in Clash Royale?

A: Players gain experience by leveling up cards. Players can level up after gaining experience. If you don’t have enough coins to upgrade your cards, try the crash royal hack to help you get more cash. The player’s king tower level also increases with the player’s level. Players can unlock different gameplays when they reach different levels. For example, king tower level 5 unlocks magic items and a royal pass, level 7 opens clan war, and level 9 can exchange cards in the clan. 

Q: How to get trade tokens in Clash Royale?

A: Trophies can be used to measure a player’s strength. Players win or lose trophies by competing with other players. After reaching a certain number of trophies, different arenas will be unlocked, and some rewards will be obtained. Prizes include cards, treasure chests, gems, coins, emotes, etc.

Q: What is Clash Royale arena?

A: Players can click the battle icon in the middle of the bottom of the screen to view the arena level they are currently in. The progress bar on the left shows the number of trophies you have obtained. You can swipe up and down to view your rewards and the number of awards you need in the next stage. There are a total of 15 levels of arenas. When you enter a higher-level arena, you will not be demoted to a lower-level arena if you lose the game, so you will not be able to get the rewards of unlocking the arena again.

Q: How can you cheat in Clash Royale to win?

A: Maybe you want a hack in clash royale that can win the game outright, but there’s no such thing as an effective cheat. The attributes of the cards are fixed, and the battle is in real-time. You cannot modify your card data by cheating, so it is easy to be discovered and banned by the game official. So, the most effective and not easily blocked Clash Royale cheats are Clash Royale Private Server Hack.

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