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How to Get a Two-Factor Authentication Verification Code?

Today, I’d like to share the tutorial on how to get a two-factor authentication Apple ID verificatiecode.

If your Apple ID has two-factor authentication turned on, you must go through two-factor authentication verification before signing apps.

Entering a two-factor authentication verification code on AltSigner is to get your device authorized to sign the device. This will not cause any threat to the user’s privacy and the security of the device because the two-factor authentication verification code is a one-time temporary code; please rest assured.

How to get a two-factor authentication Apple ID verificatiecode?

After entering your Apple ID and password on AltSigner, the iOS device logged in to your account will receive login verification if your account is enabled for two-factor authentication. After clicking Allow, you will get a six-digit verification code. Just enter the verification code into AltSigner.

In addition, you can also receive a 6-digit verification code through the phone number associated with your Apple ID.


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