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    What is the best weapon in Shadow Fight 2?


    Shadow Fight 2 combines impressive animation with a perfect combination of action and RPG games, making it perfect for touch screens. If you have enough patience, money, and the desire to dig deeper into well-designed games, it’s well worth your effort.

    Shadow Fight 2

    Shadow Fight 2 follows the old standards of 2D fighting games, challenging you to win the best of three matches against a computer-controlled opponent. Through this game you will also get RPG elements that allow you to upgrade weapons and armor, add new combat skills to the arsenal, and even learn spells that can be used in battle. If you want a version with unlimited gold coins or gems, we also provide downloads for Shadow Fight 2 Mod or Shadow Fight 2 Hack iOS.

    What is the best weapon in Shadow Fight 2?

    1. Composite sword: The best weapon to fight against all bosses except Titan.

    best weapon in Shadow Fight 2

    2. Lynx Claw: Relatively good killer weapon, you can perfectly defeat Titan with Lynx claw. Therie is a tip that if you want to defeat Titan completely, you need to use the highest level 52 Lynx Claw.

    Lynx Claw

    3. Marari yari: all kinds of yaris are very good, but marari yari can cause devastating damage. It is recommended that you use marari yari with a time bomb, just pull the joystick towards the opponent and use two blows to win.

    Marari yari

    4. Hacker Knife: The Hacker Knife is a weapon with a very powerful lethality. It reminds you that you have superb skills. This will be your savior. It’s double strike hits all head hit for you.

    Hacker Knife

    5. Imhotep pounders: Bombs and stuns work well. This could be your weapon all the time.

    Imhotep pounders

    Tips and skills on Shadow Fight 2

    The control system in Shadow Fight 2 gives you a directional joystick on the left and buttons for hits and kicks on the right. However, the combination of direction and attack type can give you different actions. Learning moves is important, especially if you are playing against a more difficult opponent. Although you can use button mashups early, it’s your technology and strategy to help you compete with your boss.

    When fighting through the game, you will get gold coins that you can use to upgrade your fighter. Shadow Fight 2 has hundreds of weapon types, each of which changes the character’s fighting style. For example, if you wield a sword, you will have a slower fighting style, and a sword makes a meaningful move, and if you use two daggers, your attack will be faster and more accurate.

    To get weapons, you can bring coins you earn between battles to the in-game store and pick from several different weapon types. Once you have a weapon, you can also use gold to upgrade its attributes to gain more power on the arena. The same is true for armor and helmets, with several different levels in quality and upgrade paths that can give you better defensive data.

    With each battle you gain experience, and as your character advances, you can also enhance your fighting style with passive and active privileges. For example, you can choose “Desperate” passive perk, which will give you + 30% damage when your health is below 10%. You can also use active perk, such as Double Sweep, which sweeps your opponent’s feet to knock them down. 

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