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    Fortnite characters in Chapter 4 Season 4, where to find all NPCs


    Significance of Fortnite characters

    Fortnite characters, also known as NPCs, are a unique type of AI and gameplay mechanic in Fortnite Battle Royale. They were first introduced in Chapter 2: Season 5, and have been expanded upon in every season since. NPCs will spawn in every match, at various set locations. Visit Panda Helper to quickly and safely download Fortnite app now. Free access to more fun and excitement in Battle Royale.

    NPCs may offer a few services which players can not get anywhere else. They can interact with players and dole out various useful items, such as medicines, special weapons, and keys to chests, or even join you in battle to give you an edge. Sometimes they can be the key to helping a player win a game.

    several characters in Chapter 4 Season 4

    Types of NPCs in Fortnite game

    Knowing the skills of different characters plays a key role in the gameplay! There are generally four types of characters in Battle Royale, each with unique abilities and traits:

    • Neutral: These characters are the most common. They offer various trades in exchange for “bars” and talk to players through dialogue. If provoked, they will attack the player.
    • Hostile: This type of character will attack the player on the spot. They will usually drop higher-level loot when killed.
    • Healer: These characters provide one-liners of dialogue and allow players to mimic their expressions in exchange for time-sensitive healing.
    • Static machines: They provide players with one or more items in exchange for a “bar.” They are technically characters but are not described as such in the game. Examples include bounty boards, upgrade stations, and vending machines.

    Fortnite characters in Chapter 4 Season 4

    If you have skimmed through the introduction of Fortnite new season, you surely know that there are a lot of changes. A bunch of new characters are also coming to the new Fortnite island. There is even a new form of hireable NPCs in the new season which need to be unlocked first. Let’s enjoy a trailer for Chapter 4 Season 4.

    Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Last Resort Cinematic Trailer

    The lineup of Fortnite characters has already expanded. There are now 16 NPCs to meet during the Last Resort season, plus two familiar faces returning: aquatic restauranteur Fishstick and the mysterious Joni the Scarlet. There are a few ways to get guaranteed loot. One of the best solutions is to track down the Fortnite NPC locations. Getting the special loot can be a big help to be the last standing. Let’s learn more about where to find them on the island and what they sell.

    Fortnite Character names and locations

    As in the last few seasons, there are normal NPCs who sell things along with the newer hireable specialists. Plus, there is another type this season, Nolan Chance. He is the lead character of the Battle Pass and does everything and more. The following are NPCs and their exact locations in Chapter 4 Season 4 so far.

    • Nolan Chance: Inside the Barn building near the Capture Point at Frenzy Fields
    • Piper Place: Inside the house opposite to Gas Station at Slappy Shores
    • Fish Thicc: Walking North-west of Relentless Retreat at Shore Shack Landmark
    • Antonia: Inside the Barn building near the Capture Point at Frenzy Fields
    • Khaby Lame: Walking South-West of Slappy Shores at the Secluded Spire Landmark
    • Meowscles: Walking around south of Shady Stilts
    • Love Range: Walking on top of the main building at Rumble Ruins
    • Renegade Shadow: Inside the house located south of Shattered Slabs
    • Agent Peely: Walking West of Steamy Springs
    • Arctic Assassin: Inside The Hall of Whispers Landmark building
    • Diamond Diva: Walking near the Gas Station at Mega City
    • Countess Daraku: Walking near the Eastern Watch Landmark
    • Bull Shark: Inside a building at Creeky Compound
    • Royale Bomber: Walking inside the north building at Brutal Bastion
    • Beastmode: Walking near the Capture Point at Breakwater Bay
    • Sun Strider: Walking on an island located South-East of Eclipsed Estate
    NPC locations in map

    Detailed table of NPCs

    Here is a list of general details of all NPCs. You can also find more pictures of these NPCs on the official Fortnite Instagram account.

    NameLocationWhat they sell
    Nolan ChanceFrenzy FieldsScout Specialist, Keys, Furniture Disguise, Twin Mag AR
    Piper PlaceSlappy ShoresScoped Burst SMG
    Fish ThiccShore ShackInfiltrator Pump Shotgun
    AntoniaFrenzy FieldsSuppressed Sniper Rifle and Business Turret
    Khaby LameSecluded SpireSuppressed Sniper Rifle and Shockwave Grenade
    MeowsclesShady StiltsSharp Tooth Shotgun and Shield Fish
    Love RangeRumble RuinsHeisted Accelerant Shotgun and Crash Pad Jr
    Renegade ShadowShattered SlabsInfiltrator Pump Shotgun and Holo Key
    Agent PeelyWest of Steamy SpringsShadow Tracker Pistol and Banana
    Arctic AssassinThe Hall of WhispersThermal DMR and Shield Potion
    Diamond DivaMega CityMaven Auto Shotgun and Remote Explosives
    Countess DarakuEastern WatchHavoc Suppressed AR and Shield Potion
    Bull SharkCreeky CompoundScout Specialist, Thermal DMR
    Royale BomberBrutal BastionSupply Specialist, Combat SMG
    BeastmodeBreakwater BayHeavy Specialist, Sharp Tooth Shotgun
    Sun StriderEclipsed EstateMedic Specialist, Med-mist
    FishstickSunswoon Lagoon
    Joni the ScarletKenjutsu Crossing

    Functions of these characters

    When you find one of the Fortnite characters and interact with them, you’ll be given a variety of options to choose from. Possible functions are listed below:

    • Duel: Defeat the character in combat to collect loot
    • Healing: Recover your health
    • Hire: Recruit the character to fight alongside you
    • Prop Disguise: Turns you into a prop until you use an item or suffer damage
    • Rift: Opens a rift to teleport you into the sky so you can glide
    • Storm Circle Hint: Shows where the next Storm phase will form on your map
    • Tip Bus Driver: Post a tip to the Battle Bus driver in the feed
    • Upgrade: Upgrade your equipped weapon
    • Weapon: Purchase a weapon from the character

    Which Fortnite characters can you hire?

    Besides the normal NPCs, several hireable characters are designated with a specific icon. Each of them has a unique skill, which makes them a bit more useful as your teammate. Do not underestimate these four types of specialists. You can only hire 5 NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, and their skills are as follows:

    1. Scout (Nolan Chance and Bullshark)– Scans the surrounding area periodically, marking loot and enemies, then snipe them from a distance.
    2. Supply (Royale Bomber) – Throws you ammo and matts in builds.
    3. Heavy (Beastmode) – These guys hire explosives
    4. Medic (Sun Strider) – They provide healing and even revival when need

    How to hire an NPC?

    If you decide to hire an NPC, you need to visit their location and simply approach them. Hiring them is not cheap and will probably cost you 100 to 200 gold bars. Here are steps on hiring a Fortnite NPC:

    1. Approach the NPC.
    2. Interact with them via a dialogue.
    3. Select “Hire NPC” from the dialogue wheel.
    4. The NPC will now follow and be your teammate.
    example of hiring an NPC

    Final Words

    Fortnite characters accept gold bars as payment, and you can buy weapons, items, and useful intel. Because the Fortnite island is large and complicated, you might not accidentally run across NPCs, so follow the above guide to all of the Fortnite character’s locations and you’ll be interacting with NPCs soon. Play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming? Here is for you. For more on the game, here is a comprehensive guide to Fortnite from Panda Helper.

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