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    Some sharing on the Fortnite live event: when is the next one?


    Generally speaking, a Fortnite live event could mark the end of a season and the start of the new season. Download Fortnite here, and enjoy the fun in a second. If you plan to start Fortnite via Xbox Cloud Gaming or on Nintendo Switch, these two posts may help you. In this article, we’ll share more details you want to know about what a live event is, past events, and when the next one is coming.

    What is a Fortnite live event?

    Live events are usually huge events that only happen once and change Fortnite’s storyline. They may occur in the middle or toward the end of the season. These are big in-game events where tons of the Fortnite player base gather together to experience something collectively. They advance the game’s storyline and usually are quite a spectacle.

    In some events, the Battle Royale shooting is turned off so that everyone can stop attacking and enjoy the event, such as during a concert. Live events are typically held once every season, and there have been many across the past few seasons. Some live events may have unique game modes and rules.

    poster of Fracture, live event in Chapter 3 Season 4

    How to know when there is a live event?

    The official website, Fortnite IG, @FortniteGame, and @fortnite YouTube, are likely to inform you when there is an upcoming event and what time it is so that you can watch it in-game. Content creators or leaks may also post on their social media accounts when they are streaming a Fortnite event.

    How to join a live event?

    Whenever it comes, you can join any ongoing Fortnite live event by checking out the dedicated playlist in the game. In the the most recent event, the limited-time “Fracture” playlist was open 30 minutes before the launch, supporting parties of up to four players. The next event might be similar, or completely different! You will know it when it comes.

    Info: Chapter 4 Season 3 without events

    As we know, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 was ended in just a few weeks ago, on August 25th. The Fortnite new season does not begin with an event. Whatever, we are getting some changes in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 that point toward something happening at least.

    Not all Fortnite seasons have live events. However, there is a hint about the next live event and when it might be coming though. It could even arrive at the end of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4. Here you can watch a teaser trailer of the Fortnite Chapter 3 final event and feel about it. It is the last and latest Fortnite live event.


    Will there is a event for Chapter 4 Season 4?

    So far, no live events have happened during Chapter 4. Epic Games has not revealed anything about a live event for Chapter 4 Season 4. That’s the answer. Players should stay tuned to the official announcements for any updates on live events. Check here for more detail about the changes in Fortnite new season.

    Traditionally, Epic Games tends to reveal some hits about live events a few days before they’re coming up. And players often see in-game timers counting down to these events. But so far, there has been no news about the Season 4 event on the Fortnite website. Furthermore, some players had noticed that the Apparatus moving around in the lead-up to Season 4, which has fuelled speculation of a live event.

    List of the past main events

    This is a general list of the main events that has taken place in Fortnite Battle Royale, from the earliest event Blast Off in Chapter 1 Season 4 to the latest Fracture in Chapter 3 Season 4.

    You will see that in previous chapters, live events were held each season. This was later reduced to once every two seasons, resulting in only two events per year. Epic Games seems to have turned its attention away from events.

    The end of Fortnite Chapter 3
    Chapter 1 EventsDateLocationType of event
    Blast OffSeason4, June 30th 2018Villain LairMajor
    Blast Off Aftermath RiftSeason4Motel, Lonely Lodge, Tomato Town, Greasy Grove, Moisty MireMinor
    Crack ClosureSeason5, August 24th 2018Near Paradise PalmsMinor
    The Cube SinkingSeason5, September 19th 2018Loot LakeMinor
    Butterfly EventSeason6, November 4th 2018Leaky LakeMajor
    Ice StormSeason6, November 4th 2018Polar PeakMajor
    ShowtimeSeason7, February 2nd 2019Pleasant ParkConcert
    EarthquakesSeason7,February 14th-27th 2019Tomato Temple, The Block, Dusty Diner, Salty Springs, Loot Lake, Lazy Links, Retail Row, Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers, Wailing WoodsMinor
    Vault RunesSeason8Loot Lake, Volcano, Lucky Landing, Dance ClubMinor
    The UnvaultingSeason8, May 4th 2019Loot Lake, Retail Row, Polar Peak, Tilted TowersMajor
    The Final ShowdownSeason9, July 20th 2019Pressure PlantMajor
    Zero Point DestabilizationSeason9, July 20th – August 1st 2019Loot LakeMinor
    The End (Chapter 1)SeasonX, October 13th 2019Dusty DepotThe End
    Chapter 2 EventsDateLocationType of event
    Live At RiskySeason1, December 14th 2019Risky ReelsCollab Event
    Travis Scott’s AstronomicalSeason2, April 23rd – 25th 2020Sweaty SandsConcert
    The DeviceSeason2, June 15th 2020The AgencyMajor
    The Devourer of WorldsSeason4, December 1st 2020Helicarrier 64Major
    Zero Point DestabilizationSeason5, March 2nd – 16th 2021Zero PointMinor
    Zero Crisis FinaleSeason6Zero PointMajor-Solo
    Abduction Warm Up (Slurpy Swamp)Season7, August 2nd 2021The Mothership Above Slurpy SwampMinor
    Rift TourSeason7, August 6th – 8th 2021Above The AftermathConcert
    Abduction Warm Up (Coral Castle)Season7, August 16th 2021The Mothership Above Coral CastleMinor
    Abduction Warm Up (Corny Complex)Season7, September 5th 2021The Mothership Above Corny ComplexMinor
    Operation: Sky FireSeason7, September 12th 2021Corny ComplexMajor
    Birth of Corruption CubesSeason8, September 20th, 24th, 30th, October 2nd, 6th 2021Shattered Saucer, Smashed Stronghold, Destroyed Dish, Levelled Lake, Wasted WoodsMinor
    The End (Chapter 2)Season8, December 4th 2021Guava FortThe End
    Chapter 3 EventsDateLocationType of event
    A New DaySeason 1Looper LandingMinor-Solo
    Collider Energy PulsesSeason2, May 20th – June 3rd 2022The ColliderMinor
    CollisionSeason2, June 4th 2022The ColliderMajor
    FractureSeason4, December 3rd 2022Reality TreeThe End

    Final Words

    New Fortnite characters come with new stories. The next live event is probably going to come at the end of C4 S4. We will see. Leaks point towards the game moving to Chapter 5 after C4 S4. Thankfully, it always lists when the current season is going to end, so we do know roughly when we’ll be playing the next season at least. The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 end date and time is November at 2 AM ET. Epic has been holding these events at the ends of Chapters alone, so we could expect likely a bigger live event then.

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