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Using Panda Cloud Save To Get With Unlimited Coins On iOS 13 is a racing game unlike any other that you have ever seen. You control a character sliding down a waterpark slide together with many other players. The slide is huge and spirals down from the sky. Here’s the fun part: you can actually jump off the track at any moment and try to land on a lower level overtaking everyone in an instant! You can also push the others off the track and achieve an impressive kill count.

There are many lovely cartoon images in, which can be purchased through gold coins after completing the specified tasks. So we need to keep playing to save money to be able to have enough coins to buy super cute cartoon images. But now, Panda Cloud Save has prepared a game archive with unlimited gold coins for you. Even if you just joined the game, you can also have enough gold coins to buy your favorite cartoon image for

What Is The Panda Cloud Save?

Now Panda Helper provides another incredible tool- Panda Cloud Save. ** It allows us to get incredible benefits, such as unlimited coins, unlimited materials, unlocked characters, unlocked maps, and more. Cloud Save make the game easier and let you get much funnier than before.

How To Get Unlimited Coins In From Panda Cloud Save?

Step 1: First of all, you need to download Panda Helper VIP. If you have already installed Panda Helper VIP, update Panda VIP to the latest version.
Panda Helper official website:
Aquapark io Cloud Save
Step 2: Then download from Panda Helper VIP. If you have already installed, please re-download them from Panda Helper VIP.
Aquapark io Cloud Save
Before using Panda Cloud Save, I only have few gold coins.
Aquapark io Cloud Save
Step 3: Open and Wait for a moment, and you will see the Panda icon in Tap on Panda icon, then load Cloud Save.
Aquapark io Cloud Save
Step 4: Before you confirm to get cloud save, you can see cloud save content offered by Panda Helper and NOTICE in the pop-up window.
Step 5: Before clicking "YES", please make sure you have read the contents of the pop-up window carefully. The game will automatically exit after the cloud save file is loaded.
Aquapark io Cloud Save
Step 6: Re-open after loading completely. Now you have a large amount of gold coins in We can buy any cute images we want in game’s store.
Aquapark io Cloud Save

Besides, many popular games also support Panda Speeder. Go to Panda VIP and search for [Cloud Save] in Panda Helper. You will find games that support [Cloud Save] in Panda Collection.
Aquapark io Cloud Save

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Other Amazing Panda Features:

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