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Get Otherworld Legends Hack with Unlimited Currencies/ All Heroes Unlocked from Panda Cloud Save

Get Otherworld Legends Hack with Unlimited Currencies/ All Heroes Unlocked from Panda Cloud Save
Today we want to introduce a new feature added on Otherworld Lgends Hack to you. It can helps you get unlimited currencies and all heroes unclocked. Before we start introduction, we would like to explain what Otherworld Legends Hack first in case you have no idea what it is.

For Otherworld Legends Hack, it is a version of Otheworld Legends with the hack features: No Skills CoolDown and Dumb AI. On this version, you could continue to use skills to hit enermies or zombies, in the meanwhile they don’t defeat you!Now you know what Otherworld Legends Hack is. We will introduce the new feature added on Otherworld Legends Hack.
The feature is called Panda Cloud Save which give people more materials like currency, paid items and more. Let’s see what they are and how to use Panda Cloud Save to enjoy incredible game experience!

Features of Panda Cloud Save on Otherworld Legends:

  • 2.1B Currencies, resourses;
  • Club Membership enabled;
  • All hero, skill unlock

How to Use Panda Cloud Save on Otherworld Legends Hack?

Step 1: Open Safari and go to Panda Helper official website to download Panda Helper VIP. If you have already downloaded Panda Helper VIP, update Panda VIP to the latest version.
Panda Helper official website:
Panda Cloud Save

Step 2: When the website is loaded, tap on the "Download Premium Version" option to install profile first. Then activate and download Panda Helper VIP.
Panda Cloud Save

Step 3: Launch Panda Helper VIP and search"Otherworld Legends Hack". There are two types of Otherworld Legends. The first is Otherworld Legends Hack.

Step 4: Tap "Panda" icon on the game after you open the game, and then you will see Panda Cloud Save. Tap the "load" button.

Step 5: Tap "Yes" after reading these notice which consists of features and potential problems.

Step 6: Re-open this game after loading completely and get the unlimited currencies/resources/ all heroes/ etc! Have fun~

Potential problems with the use of Panda Cloud Save

Using Panda Cloud Save will overwrite your progress.

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