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    How to get gems and weapons in the Kick the Buddy online game?


    Kick the Buddy online game is an excellent mobile game. Kick the Buddy follows the basic principles of the original work. You only need to repeatedly hit Buddy with multiple weapons. Of course, the game naturally comes with upgraded graphics, new interactions with friends, other weird weapons, different backgrounds and more features.

    How do you get gems on Kick the Buddy online game?

    Kicking a friend relieves some of the stress, and you don’t feel any guild, because when you beat Buddy, his iconic smile always appears on his face. You can also unlock many custom features to stay fresh and interesting. Clicking on a friend now causes considerable damage. When you click on him, you also have a chance to earn extra coins. If you think you are just a coin, you can click your friends repeatedly until you are satisfied with your income. If you want to destroy more weapons, you can omit them later.

    Kick the Buddy online game

    Many weapons in Kick the Buddy you can unlock

    Of course, unlocking more weapons means being able to defeat Buddy in different and exciting ways. Some weapons can be purchased using coins and gems. Others can unlock it by watching a certain number of video ads. Below is a list of weapons.

    • Beretta: 500 coins
    • AK47: 3,000 coins
    • Uz: 2,500 coins
    • Taser: 4,000 coins
    • Golden AK47: 8,000 coins
    • King Uz: 10,000 coins
    • Mace: 1,000 coins
    • Katana: 6,000 coins
    • Frost Axe: 9,000 coins
    • Golden Hammer: 5,000 coins
    • Dark sickle: buy 4,000 coins
    • Statue: 10,000 coins
    • Harpoon; 3,000 coins
    • Black Bomb: 2,500 coins
    • Plasma grenades; 5,000 coins
    • Grenade: 5,000 coins
    • Blockbuster: 20,000 coins
    • Monkey Bomb: 4,500 coins
    • Plasma Gun: 10,000 coins
    • Homemade robots: 21,000 coins
    • Adrenaline Gun: 6,000 coins

    Now that you have seen the list of weapons, you may be confused about which weapon you should use. If you just want to have fun, feel free to try everyone and see what they do to Buddy. However, if you want to be more efficient, you might want to choose a vampire bat. This weapon will automatically and repeatedly hit Buddy until he dies. This means that you can make a lot of money every time you hit, and once he is eliminated, you will earn more.

    Kick the Buddy

    Free gems in Kick the Buddy online game

    You can sign up for a free VIP trial for the first three days. If you decide to retain your VIP membership, you must pay a weekly fee through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you don’t plan to spend real money, make sure to cancel your VIP membership before the end of the third day. Don’t worry, because the three-day trial period will bring you a lot of benefits. VIP status gives you access to three other weapons. You will also get 100 gems and 1,000 coins per day. This means you get 300 gems and 3,000 coins without paying.

    1. The VIP trial is a one-time trick that you can use to earn free gems. Since you need thousands of gems to unlock all weapons, you must use other methods to get gems for free. One way to earn more gems is to simply play every day. Daily login rewards are constantly changing, but they usually include some free gems. It may not seem like much, but if they persist, they will all pile up.
    2. Another way to earn free gems is to earn card rewards. You get different rewards, but sometimes also include gems. In order to get card rewards, you must kill Buddy. Keep in mind that repeated use of the same weapon will eventually make you ineligible for more card rewards. The game will tell you if you kill your friends too many times with the same weapon. When this happens, just find another weapon to kill him and continue.
    3. The last way to get more gems for free is to watch out for rewarding characters. You sometimes come across pinatas or candy eggs. They are much stronger than their partners, but they give you a lot of rewards when you kill them. You sometimes see UFOs, and even Rick and Morty. Dragging Buddy towards them will do a lot of damage, allowing you to kill him faster.

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