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How to get rid of ants on Virtual Families 3 and tips you should know

In Virtual Families 3, the game simulates real-life situations, and one of the issues that may arise is an ant infestation. Ants can appear in the game and become a nuisance to the household members, causing irritation as they walk all over the place. The ants are considered a minor problem in the game, but they can affect the happiness and calmness of the household members. Therefore, it’s recommended to get rid of the ants as quickly as possible to ensure that the characters stay happy and calm on Virtual Families 3.

How to get rid of ants on Virtual Families 3

How to get rid of ants on Virtual Families 3

Method 1:

Purchase ant spray from the store and use it to spray directly on the ants.

Method 2:

Place ant traps around the areas where you see the most ants.

Method 3:

Keep your house clean and free of food crumbs that may attract ants.

Method 4:

If you have a garden, consider planting mint or lavender, as these plants can repel ants.

If the ant problem persists, you may need to hire a professional exterminator in the game.

Method 5:

You need to drag a character to the phone in the office area of the house and select the option to call the exterminator.

Only characters older than 14 years of age can call the exterminator. After you have called, they will arrive and spray the ants to remove them. However, this service is not free, and you have to pay approximately 75 gold coins for their services.

Tips and guides to play Virtual Families 3

Managing finances:

Keep an eye on your family’s finances by ensuring they have a steady income through careers and side jobs.

Invest in home upgrades and renovations wisely to increase the value of your house.

Family dynamics:

Pay attention to each family member’s needs and preferences to keep them happy and healthy.

Encourage relationships between family members to strengthen bonds and improve overall happiness.

Home improvement:

Regularly maintain and upgrade your home to provide a comfortable living environment for your virtual family.

Decorate and personalize each room to suit the preferences of your family members.

Career development:

Help your virtual family members choose suitable careers and guide them towards promotions and skill development.

Balance work and personal life to prevent burnout and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Challenges and events:

Participate in in-game events and challenges to earn rewards and enhance the gameplay experience.

Overcome obstacles and solve problems to progress further in the game.

Exploration and interaction:

Explore different areas within the game to discover new opportunities and unlock hidden features.

Interact with other virtual families to exchange tips, gifts, and experiences.

Remember, Virtual Families 3 is a simulation game that rewards strategic planning, creativity, and empathy towards your virtual family members. Enjoy the journey of nurturing and managing your virtual household!

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How to get rid of ants on Virtual Families 3 and tips you should know

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