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DON'T UPGRADE TO iOS 14 Beta Due To Panda Helper Not Compatible Now

Apple has released iOS 14 Beta recently. People intend to experience the newest iOS system so they choose to upgrade their system to it. However, iOS 14 Beta is not a stable version. There are some bugs there so that it will cause some problems for apps on iDevices.

If you upgrade iOS system to iOS 14 Beta and run into Panda Helper not working, the reason is Panda Helper not compatible with iOS 14 Beta.

Don't worry. We are working on this problem now. Please wait for us to fix it if your devices are on iOS 14 Beta. When it is compatible, we will tweet on our twitter account. Please follow us @PandaHelperApp to know the newest news. If you use iOS systems below iOS 14, we suggest you don’t upgrade since it is not a stable version.

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