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Panda Helper VIP FAQ

If you have problems using the Panda Helper VIP version and want to solve the problem faster, you can check this Panda Helper VIP FAQ to help you.


1. FAQ About Activating Panda Helper VIP

2. FAQ About Installing Panda Helper VIP

3. FAQ About Panda Helper VIP Prompt

4. FAQ About Panda Helper VIP Order

5. FAQ About Invoice ID or Billing ID

6. FAQ About Transfer Panda Helper VIP Services

7. FAQ About Cancel the Panda Helper Subscription

1. FAQ About Activating Panda Helper VIP

If you failed to activate the Panda Helper VIP during the purchase process, please try to start it according to the following actions:

First, go to the Panda Helper official website. Then click on the text below the download button iOS Download. Choose VIP Version and click Install.

panda vip download

Next, follow the prompts to install the configuration profile, click “Allow” to start, and click “Close” after the installation is complete.

panda vip donwload

Please go to the activation page if you don’t see this button.

Go to your phone’s settings, check Profile Downloaded, and click “Install” to install the Profile.

download panda vip profile

Back in Panda Helper, you can check your VIP information. Please click “Not my device” to verify your identity if the displayed information is incorrect.

panda vip info

2. FAQ About Installing Panda Helper VIP

How to Install VIP Panda Helper?

I Can’t Install the Profile Successfully. It Is Like a Loop. What Can I Do?

Meet profile problems, try these ways:

If you have used private mode on Safari to download VIP Panda, please turn it off and try again.

Not using the private mode, please clean up the safari cache and retry.

If you meet “cannot connect to the server,” please restart the iPhone and then change the DNS of wifi: Settings–WIFI–DNS, change the DNS to or to re-install.

The Profile Isn’t Shown up After Downloading. What can I do?

Please wait a while after you download it. It will show in these places (Look below pictures).


VPN & Device Management

How to Fix Profile Not Showing up on Settings?

1. Clean up the Safari cache, restart your device and change your network. Follow this to clean up the cache: Settings > Safari > Clean History and Website Data.


2. Allow to download the Profile and wait for the downloading profile process to be completed on the Safari loading bar.

download profile

3. Check whether you download it successfully. There are two places to see it. One is on Settings, and the other is on Settings > General > VPN & Device Management.

VPN & Device Management

If It Continues Not Showing up. Try Those Below:

4. Go to the background and swipe up Settings.

background settings

5. Repeat 1 to 3 several times.
Note: Meet “Profile Installation Failed” when you install the Profile since it may be a network problem. Try those ways to fix it.

  • Restart your devices, and change the DNS of wifi to or to try. (Here is an instruction for changing DNS) then install the Profile.
  • Or change the wifi or use your mobile network or VPN to try again.

3. FAQ About Panda Helper VIP Prompt

I Meet the “Prompt” Notices. What Can I do?



Go to iPhone Settings–Privacy–Advertising–turn off the limit Ad Tracking.
Open Panda VIP or some apps that show these tips, and tap “OK / Sure” to install the profile again.

I Meet “Important Notice.” What Can I do?

important notice


If you purchase or renew Panda, you can successfully choose “Reset Device” to install a new profile. It will fix it. Please record the videos and send your UDID to our email if you can’t fix it.

– How to get UDID:

  1. Go to the Panda Helper VIP website.
  2. Install a profile successfully.
  3. You will see an ID there.
  4. Copy it to us.

4. FAQ About Panda Helper VIP Order

I Have Paid for VIP Panda, But I Can’t Get It. What Can I Do?

Please check the bill status first on your Paypal or Alipay.

If it is a “completed” bill, it may take 10 minutes to send us the final payment result. After 10 mins, please clean up Safari’s cache, then try to click “Download VIP Version” on our official website again.

If you still fail to install it, please record the video, copy and paste your device UDID, and your PayPal account email to us. (Don’t use a picture) We’ll check it.

If it is a “pending” bill, it means Paypal delays your payment, and we don’t receive your money, so you can’t use the service. We recommend you apply for a refund in your Paypal account, change to another bank card to make a new payment, or wait until Paypal has processed the bill. And you will be able to download it after we receive the money.

5. FAQ About Invoice ID or Billing ID

How to Find the Invoice ID or Billing ID after Payment is Successful?

If you need to ask us to check information through order after purchasing on the Panda Helper official website, you can obtain the order number in the following ways:


When you pay from the official website, you can find the order number in the notification email sent after the payment is successful. You will receive different emails for different products purchased.
You can search for the following keywords in the mail header to find the mail with the order number:
[x x x You purchased has taken effect]

You can search for part of keywords: You purchased has taken effect.

Then find the order number in the Order information at the bottom of the email is order number, as shown in the picture:

order info

If you accidentally delete the email with order information or can’t find the email, you can inquire or consult customer service in the following ways:


1. One-time payment: Find your PayPal Invoice ID

order number

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Go to your PayPal Activity page.
  • Locate and select the recent active Panda Helper service transaction.
  • Locate the Invoice ID.


PayPal > [Activity] > Active payment > Payment details > [Invoice ID] > Copy Invoice ID

2. Recurring subscription: Find your PayPal Billing ID


  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Go to Settings – Payment – Manage Automatic Payments on your PayPal account.
  • Locate and select Panda Helper under the Automatic Payments list.
  • If Panda Helper service is listed multiple times, start from the top and view each one until you see a Total billed amount greater than $0.00.
  • Locate the Billing ID (I-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX).

NOTE: Total billed amounts for $0.00 typically indicate a failed transaction, and we need the billing ID from a successful transaction.


PayPal > [Settings] > [Payment] > [Manage automatic payments] > [Active automatic payment] > [Payment details] > [Billing ID] > Copy Billing ID (I-XXXXXXXXXXXX)


  • Go to [Alipay – Transactions]
  • Find the active paid order for Panda Helper services.
  • Locate the Merchant Order ID in the payment details

Alipay> [Transactions] > Find the active payment > payment details> [Merchant Order ID] > Copy Merchant Order ID


Users who purchase with Payssion cannot automatically bind Panda accounts now.

If you need to bind, please email your account, UDID, and a screenshot of active payment to Panda Helper Email for binding.

6. FAQ About Transfer Panda Helper VIP Services

When you change your device, you will find you can’t use Panada Helper VIP services on the new device because Panda Helper VIP services only work on purchased devices. Therefore, you must transfer your Panda Helper VIP Services into the new devices.

Please copy and paste the UDID of your previous phone and the new phone to us. Thank you.

How to get UDID:
Here is a link to help you find the device UDID: Get Your UDID.
– Open it using by Safari browser on your iPhone. – Click the button in the middle of the page. – According pop-up showing, install the file on your iPhone – Then, you can see your UDID on the screen. Please copy it and send it to us. (Do not use screenshot)

Send an email including your previous and the new phone’s UDID to Panda Helper Customer Services

7. FAQ About Cancel the Panda Helper Subscription

After subscribing to the Panda Helper VIP, Panda Speeder, Panda Auto-Clicker, Panda Auto Touch, and Panda Bot, some users may not want to subscribe next month. How can you cancel the Panda Helper Auto subscription and not wait for customer service to help you cancel?
(Canceling Panda Helper Auto-subscription means you will not automatically renew the Panda Helper subscription for the following month, not a refund.)

Here is the Tutorial. Please Have a Look:

1. Go to the VIP page of the Panda Helper official website. (Open with Safari browser, don’t use private mode.)

2. Check your Device Info.

panda vip info

If it shows Unknown, click the Get VIP Info to Download and follow the prompts to install the configuration profile to get device info.

How to install the configuration profile to get device info

If your device info is displayed correctly, continue to step 3.

3. Click “Billing and Subscriptions.

Billing and Subscriptions

4. Then click “Subscriptions.”

Select the item you want to unsubscribe from, and click the “Cancel.” And choose a reason you wish to and click “Yes.”

cancel the Panda Helper Auto-subscription

cancel reason

5. You successfully cancel the Panda Helper Auto subscription, and you can see the “Off” displayed after the automatic subscription.

off subscription

Finish all of the steps. You will cancel the Panda Helper Auto Subscription.

If you are unable to cancel the subscription yourself, please contact the customer service email of Panda Helper.

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