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      FlashGet Cast

      Screen Mirroring:
      FlashGet Cast

      Category: Productivity / Utilities

      Developer: FlashGet

      Operating System: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and TV.

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      What does FlashGet Cast Offer You?

      FlashGet Cast is a screen mirroring software that is designed to break the device and system limitations. It is the best all-in-one solution to solve the problem of being unable to cast your screen due to platform limitations. At FlashGet Cast, you can share your screen content, whether your system is Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. And mobile phones, tablets, computers, or smart TVs can all receive shared screen content.

      Local Casting
      • • USB Connection

      • The USB connection allows for more precise, delay-free screen mirroring. FlashGet Cast supports connecting iPhone / iPad and Android to PC via USB, thus easily synchronizing the HD screen.
      • • AirPlay Connection

      • With FlashGet Cast, AirPlay connection is no longer just for the Apple ecosystem. FlashGet Cast can be your Airplay receiver on your Windows PC. You can easily mirror the footage from your iPhone/iPad/Mac to your PC in real-time.
      Remote Casting
      • • Local & Remote Casting

      • With FlashGet Cast, screen casting makes it possible for local and remote casting, whether at home or out on the road, or using a WiFi, local or cellular network. And this allows for more flexibility. You can easily mirror your screen anywhere, anytime, and in any situation, without delay in picture synchronization.
      • • Remote Control

      • At FlashGet Cast, you can use your mouse to control Android/iPhone/iPad on Windows/Mac computers. You can browse mobile apps such as Instagram and TikTok on your PC. Using the keyboard to type content is much faster than typing on your mobile phone. And you don't even need to download an emulator. FlashGet Cast lets you play games, apps and enjoy the big screen entertainment from your mobile phone on your PC.
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      What Can You Do With FlashGet Cast?

      Family Entertainment

      Casting your mobile phone's exciting films, heart-touching photos, and treasured music to your TV or computer with a tap. Enjoy binge-watching movies on the big screen with your friends and families. Let's have a more stunning experience on the big screen and an audio-visual feast at home.

      Online Meeting

      You can share your screen with your attendees anytime, anywhere, simply by using the Internet. Whether working from home or on the go, you can easily cast your screen without a data cable or Wi-Fi. You can also draw on the device and synchronize it in real time for the participants to see, making the meetings more informative and collaborative.

      Office Collaboration

      With FlashGet Cast, Screencasting can be demonstrated more efficiently at the workplace, making it a necessary skill for office personnel. Mobile phones, computers, all the meeting materials, and Powerpoint or slides content can be wireless projection conference room screens. More explicit details, synchronized information, and efficient office await you!

      Teaching Presentation

      With FlashGet Cast, screen casting demonstration can be more intuitive to demonstrate the courseware. Whether traditional or online teaching, screen casting lets students and teachers create and build a collaborative student-teacher relationship. Everyone can participate in the education. FlashGet Cast also attains a new way of education. The teacher can recognize intelligent teaching during the class by casting slides and videos. Students can consolidate their knowledge by mirroring the screen to watch online courses after class.

      Digital Marketing

      Use FlashGet Cast to share multimedia content in different formats across multiple devices. FlashGet Cast helps marketers distribute and play adverts across multiple devices more efficiently and easily. And this can be done simultaneously with one click.

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