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Auto click Idle Mafia without jailbreak [Guide]

Panda Helper Auto Clicker supports Idle Mafia without jailbreak! Before, you had to jailbreak your devices to enjoy hack tools, but now, you can have it and auto-click the game on your own without jailbreak! It is safe and useful.


Panda Auto Clicker is an automatic click feature that simulates finger click reaction on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). It supports clicking single targets or multiple targets and swipes automatically. Take a look below.

Auto click Idle Mafia without jailbreak

1. Download Panda Helper on your iOS devices. How to install Panda Helper?

2. Install Idle Mafia from Panda Helper.


3. Open the game and wait for a floating window with a Panda icon to appear and tap it.

4. Tap”Get” near Auto Clicker on Idle Mafia.


5. Tap the “+” button or “Swipe gesture” button to add target sights and change the data if you need it.


6. Move the target sights to where you want it to click automatically.

7.  Run Auto Clicker on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak.


If you would like to know how to use auto clicker more in your way, check the beginner’s guide below. If you are an Android user, we generally provide you with the Idle Mafia Mod Apk series.

A beginner’s guide to Panda Auto Clicker

In this part, we will introduce different parts of Panda Auto Clicker, and you will know how to set it more clearly.

For Auto Clicker bar


1. Run: Tap this button to run Panda Auto Clicker after you set it.
2. Add: Add target sights.
3. Swipe: Add pairs of target sights to swipe.
4. Remove: Remove target sights in order.
5. Settings: To save and load the Auto Clicker configuration you set for this game. (It will disappear after you uninstall apps)
6. Hide: Hide the Auto Clicker bar if you don’t need it.

For target sights

You can edit all target sights separately in Panda Auto Clicker. It doesn’t mean you need to set all since there is the default. They are only options if you need to change them. Let’s see how they work.


  1. Edit Target 2: 2 is the name of the target sights you are editing.
  2. Start Delay: This means how long you want this target sight to work. (1 sec = 1000 ms)
  3. End Delay: It means that after how long you plan, it to stop working. (1 sec = 1000 ms)
  4. Duration: The length of time that the target sight lasts. (1 sec = 1000 ms)
  5. Randomization Radius: Adjust the range of clicks to be closer to the target sights.
  6. Enable: Tap it to apply the settings for the target sight.
Auto click Idle Mafia without jailbreak [Guide]
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