Pokemon GO Fest 2021 is held in more than 20 cities around the world

Pokémon Go hosted its big annual Pokemon Go Fest event just this past weekend, with enjoyable gameplay and some excellent storytelling on display. In both the game and the real world, developer Niantic released a series of teasers for the future of the game and seemed to deftly avoid the server glitches that have occurred in the past when millions of people logged into the game at the same time.

The first day of Pokemon Go Fest 2021 was a "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style experience to form a band of Pokémon and finally summon Meloetta to catch.

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The second day of the event, Sunday, is said to be all about raids - although Niantic has a few other surprises in store. When the first day ended at 6 p.m. local time, a new mythical creature popped up on Pokémon Go's loading screen. Then, starting at 2 a.m., the game's skybox suddenly turned into a galactic backdrop dotted with mysterious animated portals.

In Chicago, home of the infamous original Pokemon Go Fest and subsequently many pre-pandemic annual gatherings, Niantic began live-streaming a giant, very real 50-foot egg at Maggie Daley Park. A countdown began!

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A few hours later, as it hatched, a handful of players who had applied for free tickets gathered nearby to see the animated raid projected on the egg, heralding the arrival of the next day's massive global raid.

Day two's story-in-game then kicked off the following morning with Pokémon Go's hunky Professor Willow alerting players to the arrival of Hoopa, the next Mythical creature, which was supposedly behind the appearance of the day's many Legendary creatures. Some of this had leaked, but for most players it came as a complete surprise.

On the first day of Pokemon Go Fest, players completed a global challenge to unlock the next stage of this storyline.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 wasn't perfect, and fans found Shiny Unown to be so scarce that finding it was definitely harder than last year.

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Overall, though, Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is probably the most polished ticketed event in the game, with in-game changes that tie together various story threads, elaborate Pikachu costumes and the ability for players to get spare parts to trade with friends, and special music composed for the event.

Another new version of Pokémon GO with lyrics was played for some people at the end of the first day. Fans recorded the track, which can now be found on YouTube.

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