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Pokemon Go spoof iOS guides 2023


Pokémon Go is a top-rated mobile game. It allows you to explore the world while catching and training Pokémon. A recent aspect of the game is spoofing which involves faking your device’s GPS location to gain some competitive advantage. The App manipulates the GPS location data on a device, “GPS spoofing,” which makes it appear like you are in a different location technique. The popular spoofing methods to spoof Pokemon Go iOS are “joystick” and “tap to walk.”  Let’s discuss each of these.

Spoof Pokemon Go iOS location

Pokémon Go spoofing is when a player uses a third-party app or other methods to change their location in the game. This allows the player to travel virtually anywhere to find new Pokémons or complete in-game tasks without physically moving from their current location. As one of the most downloaded apps, millions worldwide play this game daily.

One common thing among Pokemon Go players is that they wish they could teleport to different locations and catch rare Pokémon without having to go there physically. For that very purpose, many players are interested in learning about the practice of “fake location” and “teleport spoofing” in Pokemon Go.

Spoofer Go is a form of cheating used in the pokemon go spoof iPhone device. It allows a player to move around the map without moving physically.  Using location spoofer apps, you can download this cheating on your iOS mobile devices.

Fake location pokemon go spoofing iOS 2022 mechanisms involve using a third-party App to alter your device’s GPS coordinates to make it appear as if you’re located elsewhere. This allows you to access different areas of the game. It also allows you to play with other players in different regions, giving you an edge.

The benefits of Pokemon Go location spoof on iOS

Using Pokemon Go fake location & Teleport spoof can offer several advantages.

1. Catch rare and powerful Pokemons anywhere.

If you’re looking forward to catching some of the rarest and most potent Pokemons, consider using a Pokemon Go fake location. By using Pokemon Go fake location, you can manipulate the location data to make it appear as if you are located somewhere else on the map where you can easily catch rare and powerful Pokémons that are not found in your place.

2. You don’t have to travel long distances.

Using Pokemon Go fake location can make grinding for experience points much easier since you don’t have to travel long distances.

3. Advance your account faster.

It allows you to level up your account quickly, as many rewards and items require you to reach a certain level before they can be unlocked. Besides, you can also dodge certain areas or events that may not be available in your current region.

However, this method of cheating has been strongly discouraged by Niantic, the game’s developers.

2 methods to spoof Pokemon Go walk on iOS

In Spoofer Go, two main ways to simulate walking to cheat the position are Joystick spoofing and Tap to walk. Then I will introduce these two specific methods of spoofing GPS location in detail.

pokemon go joystick spoof ios

1. Use the Pokemon Go joystick to spoof Pokemon Go iOS

Joystick spoofing is a technique that allows you to move your character in the game using an on-screen joystick. The joystick is usually displayed in a separate application, and when you move the joystick, the application sends fake GPS coordinates to the Pokémon Go game. This makes it appear that the player is walking around the game while sitting in one place.


  • You can adjust your walking route according to the Pokémon that appear around you to catch the Pokémon you need.


  • It would be best if you kept pressing the joystick to control the direction of movement. The character will stop walking on the map if your fingers stop moving.

pokemon go spoof tap to walk ios


2. Use Tap to walk to spoof Pokemon Go iOS

Tap to walk is another spoofing method involving tapping on a map to move your character. In this method, you select a location on the game’s map, and the application sends fake GPS coordinates to the game to move the character to that location. You can then tap on other locations to move characters around the map.


  • No need to tap the screen all the time. You need to select a nearby location, click on it, and the character will automatically walk in a straight line.


  • You may miss the Pokémon that suddenly appear during the auto walk and lose the chance to catch a rare Pokémon.

The benefit of checking Pokemon IV Previews

If you’re an avid player of the popular video game series Pokemon, understanding the importance of Individual Values (IVs) and their impact on gameplay is crucial. IVs are a set of unique stats assigned to each Pokemon that dictate their overall strength and abilities. Checking IV previews can provide a wealth of information that can benefit you in various ways.

spoof pokemon go IV on iOS

1. No need to waste time catching Pokémon with low IV

One crucial benefit of checking Pokemon IV previews is that it allows you to avoid wasting your time catching Pokemon with low IVs. In Pokemon, catching and training a Pokemon requires a significant investment of time and resources, so ensuring that the Pokemon you catch is worth that investment is essential. By checking the IV previews, you can quickly assess a Pokemon’s strength and determine whether it’s worth catching.

If you encounter a Pokemon with low IVs, you can choose not to catch it and move on to find a stronger one. This can save a lot of time and resources that would have been spent catching and training a Pokemon that ultimately would not be strong enough to make it onto the player’s team.

By checking Pokemon IV previews, you can save time and resources by avoiding catching and training weak Pokemon. This can allow you to focus on building a stronger team and improve your chances of success in the game.

2. Do not let Pokémon with low IV occupy the limited storage space.

Another essential benefit of checking Pokemon IV previews is that it helps you conserve limited storage space by avoiding Pokemon with low IVs. In Pokemon, you have limited storage space to hold your captured Pokemon. This storage space is valuable, and wasting it on weak Pokemon can prevent you from capturing and storing stronger Pokemon.

By checking the IV previews of their captured Pokemon, you can quickly assess which ones have low IVs and are not worth keeping. You can then release or trade these Pokemon to make room for stronger ones. This can help you organize your storage space and ensure you only hold onto the strongest and most useful Pokemon.

3. Help you determine which Pokemon to use for a specific task

In addition, checking IV previews can help you determine which Pokemon to use for specific tasks. For example, you may need a Pokemon with high defense stats to defend a gym or a Pokemon with high-speed stats to complete a time-based challenge. By checking the IV previews, you can quickly identify which Pokemon are best suited for these tasks and avoid using weaker Pokemon that would be less effective.

4. Assess the overall strength of a given Pokemon.

Another obvious benefit of checking Pokemon IV previews is the ability to assess the overall strength of a particular Pokemon. Each Pokemon has six different stats, and each can be assigned an IV between 0 and 31. The higher the IV, the stronger that particular stat will be. By checking the IV previews, you can determine which Pokemon have high IVs in the stats that are most important to them, such as speed or attack, and use these Pokemon to build your team.

Team Go Rocket Grunts Guide

How to beat Team Go Rocket with one hit

spoof team rocket one hit

To beat Team Go Rocket in the original game, you’ll need to first find and battle them at their designated hideouts called PokeStops. When interacting with the PokeStop, a Team Go Rocket member will challenge you to a battle.

During the battle, you must defeat all of the Team Go Rocket member’s Pokemon. They will typically use shadow Pokemon, which are more potent than regular Pokemon.  You will need a team of well-rounded Pokemons with various moves and types to counter their strengths.

With Spoofer Go, you don’t need to carefully prepare the right Pokémon to participate in the battle before the battle, because this modified version allows you to win the battle with one hit, and omits the battle link, and wins directly to win rewards! You no longer have to struggle to find high IV elves with various attributes to fight Team Rocket.

The advantages of using beat Team Go Rocket with one hit

spoof beat team go rocket

1. High efficiency:

Defeating Team Go Rocket with one hit is highly efficient, as you can defeat multiple Grunts and Leaders quickly. This allows you to complete more battles quickly and obtain more rewards.

2. Saves time:

Defeating Team Go Rocket with one hit saves time, and you can defeat them quickly without going through the entire battle sequence.

3. Saves resources:

By defeating Team Go Rocket with one hit, you can save resources such as potions and revives, which you would otherwise use in a longer battle.

4. Increases chances of catching Shadow Pokemon:

When you defeat a Team Go Rocket Grunt or Leader with one hit, you increase your chances of catching their Shadow Pokemon as you don’t have to worry about them fainting and losing the opportunity to catch them.

5. Helps complete quests:

Many quests in Pokemon Go require you to defeat Team Go Rocket members. And defeating them with one hit makes it easier to complete these quests quickly.

6. Increases your win rate in PvP battles:

If you have Shadow Pokemon you’ve purified, defeat Team Go Rocket with one hit. This can help you increase their level and make them more potent in PvP battles.

7. More prizes:

When you defeat a Team Go Rocket Grunt or Leader, you can obtain rewards such as Stardust, Pokeballs, potions, and revives. By defeating them with one hit, you increase your chances of obtaining these rewards and can obtain more rewards in a shorter time.

8. Pokémon with high IV:

From Team Go Rocket battles’ Shadow Pokémon have a higher chance of having high IV (Individual Values) than regular Pokémon.

By defeating Team Go Rocket with one hit, you increase your chances of catching a Shadow Pokémon with a high IV. And this can be more potent in battles and have higher stats than regular Pokémon. Additionally, Shadow Pokémon are purified after being caught and have even higher IVs. And they are more powerful in battles, making them valuable additions to your collection.

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