Looking Back at 10 Years of Snapchat

10 Years of Snapchat

Many ideas have sprung from Stanford dorm rooms over the years, but not all of them have evolved into billion-dollar companies.

Snapchat, however, beat the odds. The company's stock recently surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, a bright spot in a decade of highs and lows.

The chart below is a high-level overview of Snapchat's 10-year history, including user growth and financials. Snapchat's journey from startup to massive success is well documented, so we'll focus on the key elements of the story - product design, Facebook competition - and see where the company stands today when the hype around the app has died down.

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For years, one of Snapchat's greatest strengths has been its innovative product design. Some of the features we see in multiple social apps today originated with Snapchat.

Here is a brief overview of Snapchat's key features and product development over the past decade.

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The app still has a strong market share among the younger demographic, with nearly 300 million daily active users. Snapchat is one of many digital companies benefiting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and its stock price has soared to new highs. Another promising metric is the company's rising average revenue per user or ARPU.

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Of course, TikTok remains a major competitor with a lot of momentum. Nonetheless, Snap Inc. has a positive path to growth.

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