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Pokemon GO spoofing | change location without getting banned


If you are looking for the best software for Pokemon Go Spoofing actual location, but you are worried about your account getting banned, and you may lose months or years of progress, then you have come to the right place.

Some people indeed get banned during spoofing, but it is also true that others have no problem using GPS spoofing apps, and they jump into many cities per day. In this blog, we will learn what spoofing is, how to avoid getting caught, and, if you get caught, what the risks are. And that’s not all. We will also enlist the best Spoofing app, which you can use without getting banned.

So, keep reading if you want to level up quickly in Pokémon Go.

Why do you need Pokemon Go spoofing for iOS? 

“The word Spoofing means “Hoax” or “Deceiving.” In Pokémon Go, Spoofing means to fake GPS location to another city, region, or country.”

Now to explain what really is spoofing in Pokémon Go and why it’s necessary, we will answer in 3-parts;

a) How does Pokemon Go Work?

b) Why is Spoofing needed for Pokemon Go?

c) Pokemon spoofing Pros & Cons

Pokemon GO spoofing

How does Pokemon Go work?

You all know that Pokémon Go is an Interactive AR game that uses your camera & GPS. In simple words, your character in Pokémon Go moves when you move in real life, and when you see the real world through your phone camera, you will see different Pokemon, Pokestops, and other effects on your phone screen, making it look like, all these things exist in the real world. 

That’s why Pokemon is called Interactive AR Game because the game mingles with the real world in real-time.

Why is spoofing needed for Pokemon Go?

The catch here is you need to travel miles daily to play the Pokémon Go game. Sometimes even go from city or city and sometimes cities. So, playing this game requires great physical health and a heavy pocket for travel expenses, which not everybody can afford.

By keeping this problem in mind, programmers worldwide made hacking software that can change/fake GPS location and move you anywhere while you can still sit at home without moving an inch. 

So, unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars and spend your days & nights walking miles for hours, Pokemon Go spoofing ios is the best way to play the game, and it is kind of a necessity than a luxury.

As these spoofing apps are not allowed so, they are neither available on Google Play Store nor Apple App Store. So, you have to download them from third-party websites, no matter whether you are an android device user or an iPhone one.

Pokemon spoofing pros & cons

Spoofing Software is undoubtedly a genius way to play the game, but they do its demerits too. Before using a Pokemon Go spoofer app/tool, it is suggested to read their below Pros & Cons;

>> Pros

  • Not Feeling Ok: If you are tired, feeling lazy, or ill, and you want to play the game but don’t want to move around, then this software can solve your problem. If you are a Kid and don’t have permission to move around. Then Spoofer software can fool the game and make it think you are moving outside while you are playing the game at your home.
  • Save Time: Just think about walking 12 miles in the real world just to find a Pokemon. Then you have wasted your entire day without any work or studies. However, spoofer software gives you controls to move your character quickly and saves a hell of a time.
  • Ensures Safety: The problem with Pokémon Go is that it makes users play outside on streets, within forests, in harsh cold/hot weather, and in other risky conditions, which can sometimes be a cause of accidents. But by using Spoofing software, you can play this game within the safety of your home or office.
  • Save Money: Playing Pokémon Go is no kidding. You may have to move hundreds of miles or even thousands from city to city or, worse, to another country to catch some Pokemon or attend events. These trips require travel, food, hotel, and other small expenses, which can amount to thousands of dollars. But with Spoofer software, you can move to any place for free.
  • Level-up Quickly: Some Spoofing apps or tools have advanced features that allow you to Spawn ( find ), catch, and evolve Pokemon easily. Plus, some software even allows you to beat team rockets, skip boring animations, check Pokemon IV levels before battle, and much more. So, Spoofer software really makes you level up quickly in Pokémon Go.

>> Cons

  • Account Ban: Well, Spoofer software does help you rise up quickly within the ranks of Pokémon Go, but they are just cheating software, and if the game catches something fishy, your account will get banned, and months or even years of progress will get lost. But it’s less likely to happen if you use the best Spoofer software with precautions.
  • Destroy the real purpose of the Game: You see, this game was built to interact with the users in the real world so they can stay healthy and keep their gaming hours within a limit. But using spoofer software, some people may get addicted to this game and start losing their health & life purpose.

What are the ban levels if spoofing Pokemon Go on ios?

Pokemon GO

What behaviors in Pokemon GO will lead to an account ban?

In Pokémon Go, your account can get banned if you are spoofing the Pokemon Go on iPhone;

  • Usage of Jailbroken Mobile  
  • Usage of Automatic software 
  • Selling/Buying or Sharing Accounts
  • Using Location Spoofing Pokémon Go
  • Using Emulators ( On Phone or Computer )
  • Use of bugs and glitches to get an unfair benefit
  • Any Soft that gives you unfair benefits like speed, ball throwing, etc.
  • Abusive Language or Behaviour ( like bad nicknames for Pokemon or Trainers )
  • More

3-Levels of Ban in Pokemon Go spoof

In case of Spoofing/Exploitation/Abusive Behave, Niantic will probably ban you in 3-strikes, each more severe than the previous one, such as;

a) 1st strike – soft ban

b) 2nd strike – temporary suspension

c) 3rd strike – permanent account ban

a) 1st strike – soft ban

If you got highlighted for misuse for the 1st time, then Niantic will send you a warning and implies a soft ban on your account, which will not restrict you from logging in but can impose other limitations, like;

  • Can’t receive EX Raid Passes
  • Cannot find rare Pokemon
  • Can’t See Pokemon on Map or Tracker 
  • More.

This type of Ban only lasts for up to 7 days, and after that, your game benefits will probably return to normal.

b) 2nd strike – temporary suspension

If you keep making the same mistake, Niantic will highlight you for 2nd strike and impose a temporary suspension on your account, which restricts you from logging in ( on an iOS device or android phone ).

This type of suspension can last for up to 30 days. After 30 days, the suspension will be lifted automatically. Then you can log in and play the game.

In this type of suspension, you can apply for an Appeal, and Niantic may restore your account to normal before 30 days time limit.

c) 3rd strike – permanent account ban

Even after the 2nd strike, if you keep doing the same fraud/abusive activity, Niantic will block your account indefinitely or permanently, and you will not be able to log in ever.

All your Pokemon, Levels, and every other progress will be lost forever. However, you can apply for an appeal if caught using spoofing Pokémon Go ios devices. Niantic may restore your account if the ban’s reason was spoofing/cheating and not using abusive language.

How to avoid an account ban during GPS location spoofing?

It is true that your Account may get banned if you fake GPS location using hack software, but it is also true that thousands of players are using this spoofing software without getting banned, and they are leveling up quickly.

So, the real question is not whether to use spoof software or not; it should be which precautions to take to not get banned.

There is only 1 thing you need to know while choosing & using spoof software;

“Crime is not a Crime Until it’s Caught.”

In order to avoid getting caught, you need to concentrate on 2 precautions, such as;

a) Choose the best spoofing software

b) Always cheat less

c) Other precautions

a) Choose the best spoofing software

The first and foremost mistake most players make in Pokémon Go and get their account banned is that they don’t search about Spoofer’s software much.

“If you are gonna Cheat, at least Cheat Wisely.” 

You see, Pokémon Go is a game with its own guards that are always looking for cheat/hacks. Suppose you have downloaded software, it works fine for a week or a month, and then your account gets banned. So, what really happens?

Everybody wants to make fast money, so most programmers make simple spoofing software with simple coding. As their coding is new, Pokémon Go guard may not detect it for a while, but later, once the game gets updated, it gets enabled to catch the cheap coding hacks and ban your account.

So, the wise thing to do is choose the best Spoofing software with complex coding. In the market, there are 2-types of Spoofing Software;

i) Spoofing Tools ( simple coding ): You see, Spoofing Tools are just like an accessory to Pokémon Go, and they may crash during playing or become incompatible on any update; and get your account banned. These are not safe to use.

ii) Spoofing Apps ( Complex Coding ): These apps are made by adding hacking Coding in a Certain Version of Pokémon Go and making a new Pokémon Go Hacked version game. In this case, hacking software is not trying to control the game, but it is the game itself. And the best thing is that it will not auto-update, so there is no risk of getting caught. So, Spoofing Apps are much safer, such as “Spoofer Go.”

b) Always cheat less

“Never make yourself too Suspicious.”

Most players get caught because they try to mock location too far and too often. For example, they go from Tokyo to the USA and then to China on the same day. And the Pokémon Go guards know that a person can’t travel this much, and the account gets banned.

In order to avoid getting caught, you can follow the following rules;

  • Only make short instant jumps, like 100 meters at a time.
  • After changing your location, wait for 2 hours to access Pokemon, Pokestop, Gym, and other built-in objects. However, you can move around as much as you like.

c) Other precautions

There are a few other points you must consider avoiding when using Spoofing software, such as;

Never share your account with too many friends, especially from different regions, because logging in from a distant IP address make it look like you are selling or buying an account, which is also illegal on Pokémon Go.

Jailbroken android and ios devices have weak security and are susceptible to the hack. Even Pokémon Go easily get the real location out of these, catches spoofer apps or VPN ( virtual private network ) useless, and bans your account. So, don’t use jailbroken phones or apps that need them.

The most severe crime in Pokémon Go is the usage of Abusive language & behaviour, such as giving bad names to other Trainers & Pokemon. This kind of ban is permanent and also impossible to reverse.

Best Pokemon Go GPS spoofer to reduce the risk of an account ban

No doubt, there are many spoofing software out there; some are best, but some are worst, and it is really hard to choose one. But if you are looking for a fake GPS location app for your Pokémon Go, then we recommend “Spoofer Go” because this GPS spooring app is very safe to use.

Why is Spoofer Go the best GPS Location changer for Pokémon go ( iOS devices )?

“Unlike Spoofer tools, which try to hack the Pokémon Go game in real time and fail from time to time, Spoofer Go coding was integrated into the Pokémon Go to make a new hacked version of the game. And as the hacking codes & the game codes are one body now, the game thinks all the hacked features as part of itself, which makes it safe to use.”

Besides GPS location changing, Spoofer Go packs a lot of other features, such as;

  • Joystick Emulator: You can walk around with a virtual GPS joystick while sitting at home.
  • Check IV Levels: You can check any Pokemon IV level before catching. 
  • Team Rocket – One hit: With this feature, you can beat team rocket members with just one click.
  • Virtual Go Plus: Using this feature, you can collect stardust easily to evolve your Pokemon quickly.
  • Release Pokemon: If you don’t like any Pokemon, you can release it in the wild and save your Pokeball.
  • Spwan Booster: If you use this feature, you will never run out of new & rare Pokemon in your area.
  • Easy Pokemon Catch: You can decide how to throw Pokeball, Pause Pokemon, and even use the auto-catch feature to increase your chances of catching Pokemon.
  • More.

How to spoof your Pokémon Go location using Spoofer Go ( iOS devices )?

Spoofer Go is very advanced software, and it allows you to change your GPS Location in 3-ways;

i) Via Maps / Nearby

ii) Via Location

iii) Via Joystick

i) Via Maps / Nearby

“This feature is useful when you want to see all the trainers, pokemon, Pokestops, gyms, and other things around you in the form of a visual map.”

You can zoom in on the map to see specific details, or you can zoom out if you wanna see things out from your area. Plus, by clicking on anything on the map, you can see it’s detail; for example, when you click on a Pokemon, you can see it’s name, type, IV levels, distance from you, captured or free state, and so on.

You can use the Maps / Nearby feature in the following way;

1. Launch your Spoofer Go app > click on the menu icon ( top left corner ) > choose the Maps / Nearby function.

Spoof Your Pokémon Go Location Using Spoofer Go
Maps & Nearby Function in Spoofer Go Menu Pokemon Gaming

2. Now, you will see a huge map of your area with a lot of trainers, Pokemon, Pokemon, and other stuff. 

3. Click on any point, and a pop-up window will appear to ask you ” whether you like to walk or teleport”. Choose your preference, and your character location will be spoofed to your desired mark.

Spoof Pokémon Go
Different Trainers, Pokemon, Pokestop, Gyms, etc., on Map in Spoofer Go

ii) Via Location

“This feature is useful when you want to go to certain coordinates or discover new hotspots.”

You can use this feature by following step by step process;

  1. Open your Spoofer Go app > Go to Menu ( top left corner ) > and choose the “Location” function.
Pokémon Go spoofing
Location function in the Menu of Spoofer Pokémon Go

2. A pop-up window will appear with a search bar. Enter Your Coordinates in the search bar if you have any, and then choose if you want to walk/teleport.

Pokemon spoofing on iOS
Enter Your Desired GPS Coordinates in Spoofer Go

3. If you don’t have GPS coordinates, you can click on 3rd option, ” Popular Location”, and a new list will open with at least 70+ updated hotspots. You can choose any, and then you can walk/teleport to that location.

Popular Locations in Spoofer Go Pokemon
Popular Locations in Spoofer Go Pokemon Gaming

iii) Via Joystick

“This feature is useful when you want to walk/run in your area without moving an inch from your home.”

By enabling this function, a virtual Joystick will appear, which you can use to fake GPS location in short steps. You can enable Joystick in the following way;

1. Launch Spoofer Go > Open Menu ( top left corner ) > and go to Settings.

Joystick spoof
Setting in the menu of Spoofer Go Pokemon

2. See the 2nd option, ” Show Joystick,” > turn it on. And return to the main game.

Joystick in Spoofer Pokémon Go
2nd Option is to Show Joystick in Spoofer Pokémon Go

3. That’s it. Now you will see a virtual Joystick, which you can use to move your character in any direction, such as forward, backward, right, left, etc.

Use Virtual Joystick to move around in Pokémon Go Spoofer Go
Use Virtual Joystick to move around in Pokémon Go Spoofer Go


Spoofing software really helps a lot in moving to new places and finding, catching, & evolving Pokemon, but if you don’t use the best software or don’t follow the precautions, you will end you getting banned from your account.

Don’t take banning lightly because you may lose your years of progress in a single mistake. Ensure that you do a comprehensive research before choosing the best Spoofer software for yourself. 

However, we recommend using software like Spoofer Go because it also has a built-in timer, which prevents you from teleporting too much and getting suspicious. Plus, this spoofing app is one in all package for all types of benefits, which helps you level up quickly. This software is built for spoofing Pokémon Go on iPhone devices.

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