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Newest Hay Day Guide, tips, walkthrough and Wiki are all in this Hay Day website.

For Hay Day players, if you have known guides, tips, walkthrough, Wiki of Hay Day, you must be able to get a leg up than other players and make the game progress more smooth. This is why you need this Hay Day website as they can provide information, guides, tips and tricks about Hay Day! Let's see what they have.


Hay Day Beginner Tutorial

New in Hay Day? Don't know what to do and how to play can have more fun? See those newbie tutorials of Hay Day.

A Must-see Guide for Hay Day Beginners

How to Play Hay Day as a Beginner

Hay Day Currency Guides and Tips

Three main currencies in the game are Hay Day coins, Hay Day diamonds and Hay Day vouchers. They can help players to expand lands, get production machines, pets and animals and unlock more gameplay over the course of playing the game. If you have don't know answers of those questions, for example,

How can you get Hay Day coins fast?

What other ways can make more currencies?

What don't you spend Hay Day diamonds in?

check collections of Hay Day currency guides and tips:

Hay Day coin tips and tricks

Hay Day diamonds tips and tricks

Hay Day vouchers tips and tricks

Hay Day Hacks and Cheats

Are there Hay Day hacks and cheats to hack Hay Day? Does there exist really working cheats and hacks for iOS and Android? If you are interested in Hay Day hacks and cheats, see this Hay Day Hacks collection.

Hay Day Map Piece Cheat

Hay Day Cheats for Diamonds, Coins on iOS

Hay Day Cheat for fields

Hay Day Cheats for XP generators

Hay Day Land Expansion Cheats and Hacks on iOS and Android

Hay Day Expansion Permits Cheats

Hay Day Hack for Land Deeds, Mallets and Marker Stakes

Those are part of Hay Day hack collection. Want to check more information about Hay Day cheats and hacks? Head over to Hay Day Hacks collection.

Hay Day Building Material Guides

Hay Day Building materials for silo and barn are extremely soughtafter in Hay Day as players suffer the full silo and barn notification! If you would like to know, how to upgrade silo and barn fast, check this guide of Hay Day Building Material collection.

How to Upgrade Barn and Silo Fastest

As there are 6 type of bulidng materials for silo and barn, if you would like to know howo to get one of them fast. Please see articles in Hay Day builidng material collection

Fastest Ways to Get More Screws in Hay Day

Hay Day How to Get Boxes of Nails Fastest (Tips and Tricks)

Hay Day: wood panels;how to get it fast?

Get Unlimited Duct Tape in Hay Day! (Guide)

7 Fastest Ways to Get Hay Day Planks(Tutorial)

Best Methods to Get Hay Day Bolt Fast

Hay Day Land Expansion Material Guides

Hay Day land expansion materials named land expansion items as well are for expanding lands on Hay Day farm, Hay Day town and Hay Day fishing area. They include: mareker stakes, land deeds, mallets, map pieces and expansion permits.

Easiest Ways to Get Marker Stakes in Hay Day

Fastest Ways to Get More Map Pieces in Hay Day

Best Ways to Get Hay Day Land Deed (Tips and Tricks)

Hay Day Mallet Tricks and Tips to Get Fast

How to Get and Use Hay Day Expansion Permits (Tutorial)

Hay Day Wiki

Hay Day Wiki is for introduction of Hay Day items. They are categorized:

  1. Hay Day animals and pets wiki
  2. Hay Day animal homes wiki
  3. Hay Day production buildings wiki
  4. Hay Day trees and bushes wiki
  5. Hay Day decorations wiki
  6. Hay Day building and land expansion material wiki
  7. Hay day other Wiki

Hay Day Other Tips

Here are tips and tricks about Hay Day but hard to divide as one part so they are put in this collection of Hay Day.

Hay Day Content Creator Codes List 2021

Best Ways to Get More Boosters in Hay Day

Ways to Quickly Get Purple Vouchers in Hay Day

What is the Most Expensive Item in Hay Day?

Hay Day Tips - A Little Friend You've Never Noticed Before in Hay Day

Hay Day Tips: How does Rose Work on Hay Day?

Hay Day Tips: How does Earnest Work on Hay Day?

The above are part. Check Hay Day other tips for more useful tips and tricks.

That is not all. This website continues to add more useful guides, tips, tricks about Hay Day. Apply them to speed up the process and have more fun!

Hay Day Bot - Android Automatic Tool to Auto Farm

Hay Day Android Bot is an auto farming tool developed by Game Bots team. It can automatically plant, harvest, and sell wheat, corn and carrot for players 24/7 without stopping. What's more, Hay Day Bot can automatically play multiple Hay Day farms on one Android mobile!

Download Hay Day Android Bot

As Hay Day Bot has those automatic features, Hay Day Bot is considered as an effective hacking tool and Hay Day cheat for the game resources like Hay Day coins, Hay Day supplies including building materials, land expansion materials, clearance materials etc.

Kick back and enjoy tons of resource without effort with Hay Day Bot!

Hay Day Hacks Bot for iOS

Download and install Hay Day from Panda Helper iOS

  • Grow wheat, corn or carrot automatically
  • Harvest crops automatically
  • Harvested items are automatically placed in roadside stands and sold automatically
  • Fixed bugs in weather and sell system
  • Supports all types of iPhone and iPad
  1. Download Hay Day from Panda Helper.

Click to Download Panda Helper

Hay Day Bot

  1. After entering Hay Day, press Panda icon to get the Hay Day Bot.

Get Hay Day Bot on Panda Helper icon

  1. Pressing Hay Day Bot, you can learn more about the supported devices and other information.
    Hay Day Bot updated

  2. Tap the button "Get" to run the Hay Day Bot, then press the Panda bot to open Hay Day Bot settings page.

Hay Day iOS Bot console

  1. Follow [About] to arrange the fields as shown for Hay Day Bot first.

Hay Day iOS Bot About page
Set fields for Hay Day iOS Bot

  1. Go to the [Main Function] and configure Hay Day Bot as you wish:

Hay Day Bot for iOS

  1. Hay Day Bot will run and boost your advantage.

Panda Bot Free for a Limited Time

Panda Bot is currently in beta test and is free for users to try and use.
Every users can start the 15-min free trial every 24 hours.
You can purchase additional duration if you want to get longer hours of use per day.
Hay Day Bot ios
If you have used the panda bot feature, please fill out the questionnaire to give us your feedback.

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The free time may expire at any time. The final display on the Panda Bot page shall prevail.

Panda Bot Contact:PandaHelperBots@gmail.com

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