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How to Get YouTube Premium for Free Forever

What is YouTube Premium

Before learning how to get YouTube Premium for free forever, let’s know more about it.
YouTube Premium is YouTube’s most popular paid tier. The features are varied but include other ad-free music, the ability to watch videos offline and without ads, and exclusive content. And you can use it on your iOS or Android device.
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YouTube Premium also includes access to YouTube Originals. The cost of Premium has been $11.99 since its launch in 2015. However, a recent price increase brought the cost to $13.99 per month, some countries cost $15.99 (though Google does regularly offer special discounts). In a word, the price you pay depends on your country and currency.

What is YouTube Premium
What Can We Do With Premium
The Features
How to Get YouTube Premium for Free Forever

What Can We Do With Premium?

Some users may want to know how to get the YouTube Premium free download as soon as possible. But don’t worry, let’s learn more about what we can do with YouTube Premium.
YouTube Premium lets you take advantage of the following features, which are specific to Premium subscribers:
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More Emoticons: Emoticons in YouTube videos allow you to express your emotions. You can choose from 50 different emoticons.

Offline Viewing: You can watch videos without using data or loading them in the background by downloading videos for offline viewing. Offline viewing is available on both mobile devices and the Google Chrome browser.

Unlimited Downloads: The download manager lets you download videos unlimitedly as long as they are available in the video library. You can see your downloaded videos when you click on MyDownloads in the top right corner of YouTube.

No Ads: Advertisers pay YouTube to promote their products. When you watch a video ad, they compensate YouTube. This money is used to support the development of new video creators and original content on YouTube. Subscribers do not watch ads, so they are free of advertising. This means that subscribers pay to support the channel’s creators or content and help your favorite creators find more ways to create incredible videos for you!

Background Play: With background play, you can turn the screen off while listening to music and continue to hear your music in the background while using other apps. Watch Videos

The Features

Youtube Premium Pros:
Ad-Free Viewing: You can watch videos without seeing ads using the adblocker.
Adblocker: You can watch videos without seeing ads using the adblocker. Videos Offline :
With the offline feature, you can go ahead and watch – and save – all your favorite YouTube videos right in your browser, which will cache them so you can enjoy them without waiting.

4K video: Premium members can watch 4K content on their devices.
DVR: Want to watch something tomorrow or the next day? You can schedule a video for playback at a later time – even hours, days, or weeks in the future.
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Profile Editing: Want to edit your profile picture, edit your user name, change your display name, or change your gender? Premium members can edit their profiles.
And we can use the YouTube Music for free by using it.

Youtube Premium Cons:
Usage Limitations: To prevent abuse of the service by a few users, Google implemented a system of limitations on the number of videos that can be automatically played. This limitation is based on your recent viewing history, and it’s not clear how many videos can be watched before reaching it.

If you’re looking for YouTube Red, you won’t find it in all countries.
The service is currently only available in Australia, Austria, Canada, the United States, and South Korea.

How to Get YouTube Premium for Free Forever

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