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    How to get all the sharks in Hungry Shark World?

    Hungry Shark World is a sequel to the popular game Hungry Shark Evolution. The goal of the game is to kill and eat as many creatures as possible before being eaten or starved. You can also use enhancements to increase the speed of shark swimming. There are several different locations in the game world. These game sites can be unlocked by leveling up, which is the way to get new sharks. We are sharing how to get all the sharks in the Hungry Shark World game.

    Hungry Shark World poster

    Sharks in Hungry Shark World

    Hungry Shark World creates 36 species of sharks (not including the shark skins that come with the pass). Players can upgrade sharks’ abilities and develop their personalities. Players upgrade their sharks by completing quests and earning coins, and there are 7 levels of sharks. (XS-Mini, S-Small, M-Medium, L-Large, XL- Extra Large, XXL – Extra Extra Large, !!)

    Each time you upgrade the shark, you will unlock skills such as destroying walls, eating bigger and stronger predators, getting more bonuses, getting pets, etc. to help the sharks hunt better.

    Tips for unlocking sharks

    Unlock more sharks and you will get higher scores and eat more fish. In the “Hungry Shark” game, you can unlock a total of 16 different sharks. Sharks come in sizes ranging from small to super large. You will start with an additional baby shark.

    sharks in Hungry Shark World

    To unlock more sharks, you need to gain experience and upgrade by completing tasks. Each time you finish the game round, you will receive a percentage showing how far you have unlocked from more sharks. However, unlocking sharks does not mean that they immediately. Before using new sharks, you must pay for them with coins or gems. Here we recommend downloading Hungry Shark World Hack for unlimited gems and coins.

    XS (Extra small)

    There is only one additional baby shark, and you will get it right after you start the game. This thing can eat small fish and even some people you need to unlock the next shark size to start exploring. During the gold rush, additional baby sharks can be equipped with a pet and have no additional multipliers.

    • The sharks included: Blacktip Reef.
    • XS sharks can eat: small or less dangerous prey items

    S (Small)

    The small shark can equip a pet and provide a 3x multiplier during the gold rush.

    • The sharks included: Whitetip Reef, Porbeagle, and Blue Shark.
    • S sharks can eat sting rays, medium crabs, spider crabs, White-topped Reef Shark, and Blue Shark.

    M (Medium)

    After maximizing the Small shark, the medium shark will be unlocked. They can equip a pet and provide a 4x multiplier during the gold rush. They can break rocks.

    • Medium sharks included: Sand Shark, Thresher, and Smooth Hammerhead.
    • M sharks can eat: monkfish, squid, sea turtles, dolphins, narwhals, spider crabs, Thresher Shark, Hammerhead.

    L (Large)

    After maximizing the M level, the large shark will be unlocked. They can equip two pets and provide a 5x multiplier during the gold rush. They destroy metals.

    • Large sharks included Bull Shark, Goblin Shark, and Mako Shark.
    • Large sharks can eat Lionfish, Killer Whales, Bull Shark, Goblin Shark, Mako Shark.

    XL (Extra Large)

    After maximizing the large shark level, the XL shark is for you. They can equip two pets and provide a 6x multiplier during the gold rush. They can break black rocks.

    • XL Sharks included in this level are: Megamouth, Great Hammerhead, Tiger Shark.
    • XL sharks can eat Blue jellyfish, Megamouth Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Dolphins.

    XXL (Extra, Extra Large)

    After XL shark level, the XXL shark can be unlocked. They can equip three pets and provide a 7x multiplier during the gold rush. They can break black rocks.

    • The XXL sharks included Basking Sharks, Whale Sharks, and Great White Shark.
    • XXL sharks are edible: Humpback Whales, Green jellyfish, Whale Sharks, and Great White Sharks.


    Finally, the last secret shark level: simply “!!”. There is only one shark in this category: Megaladon, to unlock it you need to maximize Extra, Extra Large Shark.

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