How to Get Panda Helper VIP for Free on iOS Without Jailbreak

As we know, Panda Helper is a genuinely fantastic third-party app store designed for iOS devices. It provides many tweaked Apps, ++Apps, hacked games, paid Apps, jailbreak tools, and popular Apps without having your devices jailbroken. It’s available on the free and VIP (paid) versions. You will find more pretty cool apps you can’t get from the free version through Panda VIP. And apps from Panda Helper VIP are more stable and may not crash as often as in the free version. No ads and better users experience while using Panda Helper VIP. That’s why users prefer Panda Helper VIP.

Panda Helper VIP is worth buying. But some users don’t have the habit of spending real money on apps, so they are looking for a way to get them for free. Here we will show you how to get Panda Helper VIP for free on your iOS devices.

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Panda Helper VIP Features

1. Lots of pretty cool apps are only available on VIP,  like Minecraft, Pokemon Go, Last Day on Earth Hack, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and more.

2. More stable than the free version.

3. Panda Cheat Engine and iSigner are free for VIP users. Cheat Engine allows you to create game cheats by modifying the code to change the in-game values, including coin, gem, gold, health, HP, SP, and more. iSigner can sign iOS Apps and manage them.

4.No ads and a better user experience.

How to Get Panda Helper VIP For Free

Panda Helper will hold a free VIP giveaway in the Facebook group weekly. If you participate in the event, you will have a chance to get a 7-day free VIP. Next, I will introduce this event in detail for you.

1. What is Panda Helper VIP Free?

You can download the Panda Helper VIP version without paying and enjoy VIP resources and privileges. No need to worry about revocation because you have unlimited super certificates. This is the only way to get Panda Helper for free. As long as you participate in the Giveaway, there is a chance to win a free VIP.

In addition, you can’t free use a VIP account that other people have purchased. Panda Helper VIP is tied to the purchased device and can only be used on one device. Please don’t believe what others say about shared VIP accounts.

2. Where Is Panda Helper VIP Free?

Join Panda Helper’s Facebook Group; weekly posts with #giveaway and #rules are raffle posts.

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3. When Will Panda Helper VIP Free be Held?

The event starts every Sunday at 8 pm CST. The activity lasts for 24 hours. Comments that match the topic within the activity period are valid and will be selected as lucky winners.

If you do not know the corresponding time in your area, please use the tool to check the corresponding time to prevent you from missing the opportunity to get VIP for free.

4. How to Get Panda Helper VIP Free?

Participate in and comment as required by the topic on the event post. After the event, we will announce the list of free Panda Helper VIP 24 hours later. We will DM you at the same time. Please check the message in time and inform your correct email address after receiving the DM. We will send you the Panda Helper VIP activation code by email. We will send the method to activate the VIP in the email, and you can also activate the Panda Helper VIP yourself.

5. How Long is the VIP?

The activation code you receive is usually a 7-day VIP with an unlimited super certificate. The VIP time is calculated from the time you activate it. If you have already purchased the VIP, it will add 7 days to the original VIP time after activation.

6. What Happens After the Free VIP Expires?

If you do not purchase VIP, after the 7-day VIP experience ends, you will not be able to open the Panda Helper VIP App and apps downloaded with Panda Helper VIP.

7. How to Download Panda Helper VIP on iOS?

If you are lucky to get Panda VIP’s giveaways, after receiving our email and activating VIP, you can go to the official website to download Panda VIP.

Finally, let’s look at some feedback from free VIP users.

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