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Apple Arcade Game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Plants Around 276K Trees in Accordance with the Number of Its Downloads

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Ustwo, the team of Apple Arcade Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, has announced that they have planted 276490 trees in accordance with the number of its downloads so far with the climate conservation organisation Ecologi. Their mission is for 1 million trees!


Ustwo is the team of Monument Valley, which won a 2014 Apple Design Award and accumulated more than 26 million sales. Last month Ustwo released Alba: A Wildlife Adventure on Apple Arcade and Steam.


“Small actions can make a big difference in Alba: a Wildlife Adventure” is the slogan of this game.

Players will explore a Mediterranean island as Alba visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island and realize that people need to do something to save animals in danger and protect family, friends and nature we love by small actions. Small actions can make a big difference.


Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is available on Apple Arcade and Steam now. Star playing Alba: A Wildlife Adventure to help plant trees!

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