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How to use alternative Cheat Engine DLG&iGG to Hack Archero for unlimited coins without jailbreak?

Why need Archero Hack unlimited gems

Are you anxiously looking for a way to get Archero Hack unlimited gems & coins to upgrade your equipment in the Archero Hack? Now, we have found a way. You can use Cheat Engine iOS to get them! This is an agreeable surprise.

Cheat Engine iOS overview

Cheat Engine can help you modify your games’ money, HP, SP, and more. DLG and iGG are better-known game tools, but you must jailbreak your iOS device first. You may feel upset. But you have other options, and Panda Cheat Engine is safe.

Panda Cheat Engine for iOS is a hacking game tool like DLG or iGG. You can use it without jailbreaking, supporting iOS 17/iOS 16/iOS 15. We have more visual tutorials about using Panda Cheat Engine on Archero below. Please don’t wait. Follow us to get Archero Hack unlimited gems, coins, and diamonds!

How to get Archero Hack unlimited gems with Cheat Engine

Archero is a funny game. Sometimes, you can’t fight the never-ending enemies because you don’t have enough coins or diamonds to upgrade your equipment. So what can you do? You can use Panda Cheat Engine to get them!

If you encounter problems during use, refer to this Cheat Engine Q&A.

Download  Archero Hack for free

Launch Safari and go to Panda Helper’s official website. Firstly, tap the “Download” option when the website is loaded. Then get Panda Helper VIP. Afterward, go to your device’s main Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile of the Panda Helper Vip app.

Notice: Before you use Panda Cheat Engine, you need to get Panda Helper VIP first because it is an additional feature of Panda Helper VIP.

Download Panda Helper VIP

Secondly, Launch Panda Helper VIP and type Archero Hack in the search box. Download and install it from the search list. Please re-download the game from Panda Helper VIP if you have already downloaded it. This is important. Otherwise, you can be prompted with a failure to install.


In addition, if you are an Android player, you can refer to the tutorial on how to get a free download Archero Mod APK for god mode to install it on your devices.

Archero Hack unlimited gems with Cheat Engine

Due to the way to get Archero Hack, unlimited gems and unlimited coins are the same; here, we take getting unlimited cons as an example. Open the Archero Hack and play for a while. Please make sure the number of the coins is not zero.

archero hack unlimited gems with Cheat Engine

Secondly, click the “Panda” float icon in the game to launch the Panda Cheat Engine. You will see the Cheat Engine. Click the “Show” button.

archero hack unlimited gems with Cheat Engine

Thirdly, Play you for a while, then click on CE and search for your current number of coins (select “=” and “UInt” or “SInt”). My game is now 8.

archero hack unlimited gems with Cheat Engine

There may be so many values in the results list that you cannot be sure which one is the coin’s value. To narrow down the range of results, we need to go into the game to change the coin’s value.

archero hack unlimited gems with Cheat Engine

Next, defeat the enemies until the number of coins in the Archero Hack has changed. Then, we return to Cheat Engine and enter the new value(23 now).

archero hack unlimited gems with Cheat Engine

You will find the range of coins has been narrowed. Click “M” to change the first two values to 2000, and click “OK.”

Notice: The value of the coin modifier can be determined by yourself but cannot exceed 2000; otherwise, the game will crash.

If you still don’t understand how to operate after reading the above operations, please refer to this article: A comprehensive guide to using Cheat Engine.

Panda Cheat Engine Q&A

1. I’m having crashing problems with the Panda Cheat Engine. What should I do?

Please check that the value you want to change is not too small. If it is, increase it and try again. When it is too small, it will crash the game.

2. Why do the values not change after using the Panda Cheat Engine?

Please check again to ensure you are using the Panda Cheat Engine correctly. If this is the first time you have tried the Panda Cheat Engine, we recommend following the instructions above and trying again.

3. Can I use Panda Cheat Engine for Archero Android APK?

I am so sorry for it! Panda Cheat Engine currently only supports iOS.

4. Is Cheat engine a virus?

Of course not. Panda Cheat Engine is 100% safe. The Panda Helper team will regularly check and update the Panda Cheat Engine to ensure its security. However, we cannot guarantee the security of other cheat engines in the market.

5. What other games does the Panda Cheat Engine support besides Archero Hack?

Panda Cheat Engine won’t work with all the games, and you can check other games by searching for “Cheat Engine” in Panda Helper VIP. We also provide some examples of cheating using the Panda Cheat Engine.

In addition, if you want to learn more about the game, refer to the Comprehensive Archero guide like Archero best weapon analysis.

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