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A new Garena Free Fire character named Wolfrahh coming

A tweet from Garena Free Fire confirmed the arrival of the new character Wolfrahh, who, like the other characters, has a unique skill, called Centre of Attention, Wolfrahh’s special ability to increase damage to enemies’ arms and legs while reducing damage from shots to his own head.

Garena Free Fire character

It’s well known that in Garena Free Fire games, blasting the head does more damage than hitting the arm and leg. But in close-quarters combat, it’s very difficult to hit the head.So Garena Free Fire’s new character Wolfrahh has a definite advantage in either close-quarters combat or long-range shooting battles. If the player uses Wolfrahh to start shooting at long range at the same time as the enemy. Wolfrahh is likely to win unless a direct headshot is made.


Garena has also recently launched its own advanced server. players can test out new features that have not been officially released in the game. The new character Wolfrah will also be available on the Advance server(Advance server registration). Previously there were rumors that Garena Free Fire would be getting a new character called ‘Lucas’. Now the rumors are gone.

In addition to this exciting news for gamers. Garena Free Fire has also reached a record high of over 80 million peak daily users. And surpassing the first reported figure of over 60 million DAUs in March. It’s also side-by-side proof of how popular Garena Free Fire’s games are with gamers. More Garena Free Fire tips and Garena Free Fire strategies.

Garena Free Fire

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