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What is Garena Free Fire?

Before learning how to download Garena Free Fire hacks, let’s know more about them.

As we all know, Garena Free Fire is a survival TPS game. As mobile gaming, if you like to win the final victory in survival and competition, then it must be for you. 

It is a fast-paced battle royale game that takes only 10 minutes to play. You will survive with your skills on the island and in various scenes. The online game has good graphics and firearms Enough, rich routines. Players can easily win not only with marksmanship but also with low configuration requirements and full-frame play!

 Garena Free Fire

It sounds great. And the Garena Free Fire Hack has more attractive features. Let’s learn how to get it together!

How to Download Garena Free Fire Hacks?

After learning about it, we should also know that it is a popular shooting game. And the hack version of it has more attractive features. How can we download and get it? Let’s learn it from the following together.

Download the Free Fire Hack

First, we need to download the Panda Helper VIP from Panda Helper.

Then we can download the Free Fire hack game from Panda Helper. That’s the tutorial on how to get the hack download link form Panda Helper. And enjoy its hack features:

Hack Features:

– No Fog / Fog is Disabled.

– Aim Assist / Your sight will follow the enemy.

These hack features of the game mean that the fog in the game is disabled, and we can move more conveniently. And our sight will follow the enemy, so we can precisely aim and kill every enemy we see, easily winning the game. And we can get unlimited Garena Free Fire diamonds by using the Panda Cheat Engine

Download the Garena Free Fire Max mod apk

We have learned how to download the hack version. Some players may be confused about how we can download the mod apk without jailbreak if I am an Android user. Don’t worry. If you are an Android user, you can download the free fire mods: Garena Free Fire Max, from Panda Helper. After downloading the free fire mod apk according to the above download link, experience it. In addition, you can also hack free fire diamonds in it by the tools. 

The above tutorial is downloading the Hacks from Panda Helper. And there are many game and app download links that you can try. Let’s experience it together.

Garena Free Fire VS. PUBG mobile which is better?

When talking about it, we always think of PUBG Mobile. Because they are considered popular action and arcade games, and there is considerable debate as to which game is better.

Today I will compare the two games for you so that you can clearly understand the similarities and differences between the two games.

Similarities of Garena Free Fire and PUBG

  • Form of the game:

Free Fire, developed by Garena, is a multiplayer battle game where the player needs to be the last survivor to win the game. PUBG similarly is a battle game developed by a South Korean game company. They have the same game form.

  • Time limit:

Both Garena Fire and PUBG come under battle games to win the title within the required time limit. The players of both are limited with time.

  • Selection of battlesuits:

Garena and PUBG can select their dress codes and Island areas per the game’s requirements.

  • Availability of maps:

Free Fire and PUBG games come with maps to make the play exotic. The former match owns three maps, including Bermuda, and the last game comes to players with five maps, including Erangel and Livik areas.

  • Availability of weapons:

The similarity in weapon collection is the next feature focused on by game lovers. Garena Free Fire and PUBG come with machine guns and grenades to fight enemies in battle.

The above is the similarities between Garena Free Fire and PUBG.

Differences Between Garena Free Fire and PUBG

  • Visual graphics:

Compared to the game, the PUBG game can provide a more realistic effect with its exotic graphics.

  • Weapons:

The versatile types of weapons provided by PUBG can make the game more interesting. Garena Free Fire game consists of only fewer weapons when compared to the PUBG game.

  • Presence of water ride vehicle:

Also, the availability of water-riding vehicle options in PUBG is not present in the game.

  • Storage space:

Enhanced visual graphics provided by PUBG make the game consume more space in the storage option. It can take nearly two Gigabytes more space in the storage option. Hence the battery charge consumption for PUBG is more than that of the game . People prefer more gameplay time without excessive battery charge consumption and can thus choose the Free Fire game.

In a word, the above is a comparison of the two games I made for you. In my opinion, I prefer Garena Free Fire because I prefer fast-paced games.

Tips for Free Fire

We can refer to some tips for a better experience in the game. Let’s learn them together.

 Garena Free Fire hacks
  • The selection of the ideal character and the pet is prominent in winning the game easily. So we can get energized by shifting the position near the vending machine to win the battle.
  • We can find more enemies near vending machines.
  • It’s helpful to find an excellent grenade to prevent enemies’ attacks.
  • To achieve the best position to fight in the battle, make sure to do landing at a good place.
  • Never hesitate to loot for the best control over enemies in the free-fire hacks.

These are some tips I have compiled personally. If you have anything to add, please leave us a message.

Garena Free FireRedeem Codes

In addition, there is another point that the players are interested in: Garena Free Fire redeem code. Let’s find out together.

Garena Free Fire redeem code: It updates new save codes daily. The 12-digit redemption codes comprise both letters and numbers. Players can utilize these codes to earn rewards like skins for characters and weapons in-game to enhance their gaming experience.

And the Redeem Codes are available on the game’s official website. We can log in with any of your registered accounts – Facebook, Gmail, Apple, and Huawei to get the FF codes and earn freebies.

Don’t hesitate, have a try to earn some freebies.


Finally, some players may still doubt the game after learning so much about Garena Free Fire Hacks. So let’s take a look at more FAQs about it.

As the above that we introduced, we can download the Free Fire without jailbreak from Panda Helper.
Interestingly, Garena Free Fire is Singapore-based, and the developer is not from China. But we can download and use it to set up the Chinese system to play.
What makes this a big update is that Grafton (the developer of Pubg) recently filed lawsuits against Garena for copying its game and included companies like Apple and Google in the case as they distributed the application via their online app stores. But don't worry. We can still download and play it from Panda Helper.

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