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Quick Fire is a newly released mini-games collection with over 50+ games

Quick Fire is a casual mobile game that has a collection of 50+ mini-games in it.

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At first, the game was a hobby project of the indie developer Zak Woolley, which later turned out to be a crazy exciting game out in the app stores.

Quick Fire mobile game

The developer states the game is a perfect time waster which is clearly backed by the content the game has to show. It features fast-paced random games which last about 4-8 seconds, allowing the player to tackle it within that time period.

Also, the speed and time limit will change as the game progresses. The game will grant you four chances to solve it and failing to do so will restart the level. After playing every five minigames, the speed will gradually increase.

Then after every thirteen minigames, the players will have to face a 'Challenge Mode' minigame. But note that the minigames in this mode are not time-bound. Make sure to complete one successfully, and you will earn a chance to receive an extra life.

The Challenge Mode minigame is a breakthrough to the higher levels. From here on, the difficulty of each minigame will increase. As compared to the previous levels, the game will ask you to complete more things in comparatively less time.

Unlock the Under Fire’ mode after completing thirty-nine games in a row. In this mode, the speed will increase in each and every minigame, and furthermore in every five minigames. Like the previous levels, the speed will not reset when you reach the Challenge Mode minigame.

If you have fast fingers with a swift mind then take this challenge of Quick Fire and cross all the levels. Finish all the fifty-plus minigames with four challenge mode games to grab the five-plus unlockable extras.

Quick Fire is now available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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