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8 Garena Free Fire strategies to help you defeat enemies

If you want me to recommend the most popular battle royale games of 2019, I will definitely choose Garena Free Fire. Garena Free Fire beats PUBG Mobile and wins the most downloaded mobile games in 2019 on Android and IOS devices worldwide. As a competitor in this third-person survival game, you’ll compete against other plays for the chance of survival. You need to find supplies and equipment in the map and cooperate with your teammates to defeat the enemy. If you don’t know where to go and how to fight the enemy, please take a look at these 8 Garena Free Fire strategies to to help you defeat enemies and live longer.

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Garena Free Fire strategies

1. Use the mini-map.

Here are the key tips to promote your win. A small map is a vital tool that not only helps you check safe areas, but also warns you of dangers. You can hear gunfire nearby, but without a small map, you won’t be able to find directions. By helping you determine the source of the shot, you can conceal or take the opportunity to launch an attack. You can use this technique to kill two competitors at the same time.

2. Know where you land.

Before landing, choosing the landing point is the most crucial strategy. Generally speaking, the team in a better position will survive to the end and win the entire game. Players can choose hotspots such as the Clock Tower and Pochinok, where you will find rare robberies, but are likely to face opponents early. On the other hand, gamers can land in inaccessible areas such as Cape Town and the hangar to avoid early battles.

Garena Free Fire strategies to help you

Make sure you are close to town. According to the map, this location should be a secluded place. Choose it wisely so you don’t end up placing it away from medical kits, weapons, ammunition, and other equipment. Use it as a purpose for landing near the outskirts of the city so you can avoid being shot by other competitors while landing.

3. Find cover.

When you landed, you need to find a place suitable to cover in time, because snipers are aiming at you all the time. You must try to avoid exposing your position as much as possible. Do not walk in open fields or stand in front of windows in the house. You can choose to sprint or crouch on the ground when moving in places that are easy to be attacked. If snipers attack you, you can look for shelter, such as trees or walls.

Find cover

4. Pay attention to the safety zone.

Safe areas appear as white circles on the map. When the area is about to shrink, a new white ring appears. Remember to pay attention to the timer, as it indicates the length of time remaining before contraction. Be extra careful and head to the safe area. Remember, this is a great opportunity for campers to kill their enemies, so make sure they don’t pick you up!

5. Don’t be too obsessed with perfect loot.

Many players are too picky about weapons and equipment. Although the perfect loot will lead players to the final championship, the reality is often not so smooth, and in most cases it is impossible to achieve. Use anything in the game early, even a grenade or Flashbang, and collect legendary items as the game progresses. That will be the only way to survive. In the face of danger in all directions, the only thing you can do is provide yourself with the right equipment. Defense is essential, you need medical supplies, helmets and bulletproof vests. Helmets and vests will reduce damage from bullets fired by snipers.

Don't be too obsessed with perfect loot

6. Watch out for danger zones!

Although minimaps are essential for navigation, they also play a vital role in drawing your attention to dangers in the vicinity. When you hear the explosion, notice the orange spots on the minimap. In this way, you will determine the origin of the sound to pinpoint the location of the enemy. This is especially important because it gives you the opportunity to strike first!

7. Let others fight.

Learn to use strategy in the game, you don’t have to be the one who kills the most, but you have to be the longest living person. So in the initial stages of the game, you better avoid too many battles. You can let other players fight each other,  you can clean up remaining enemies in the end. Defining 5 people is definitely easier than defeating 20 people, isn’t it? When the enemies are fighting each other, you can collect the weapons and medical supplies you need.

Let others fight

8. Choose the right weapon.

This is another key cheat for Garena Free Fire. Different encounters require different arsenals. You need to build the right arsenal for melee, long range and short range situations. When the pistol resolves your close range, the shotgun will destroy nearby opponents. Know where to use assault rifles, assault rifles and sniper rifles. If facing multiple enemies at close range, we recommend using assault rifles; if the enemy is moving at long distances, we recommend using sniper rifles; if you want to clear the unknown danger in the building, we recommend using grenades.

Finally, here are more Garena Free Fire tips. Welcome to them.

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