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    CarX Drift Racing 2 Hack cheats and tips: how to win?

    Have you ever tried a car racing game? If you are a big fan, do not miss the CarX Drift Racing 2 Hack! With various tracks and realistic physics engine technology, the exciting car racing game allows players to personally build a top-notch sports car, speeding through different road conditions and challenging tough levels. You can also compete with other masters to win more prizes and have the chance to join top clubs with more luxurious cars and modes to choose from.

    CarX Drift Racing 2

    Cheat in Carx Drift Racing 2 Hack

    Carx Drift Racing 2 Hack is welcome to download on Panda Helper now. As a sequel, this game has been fully enhanced compared to the previous game after receiving sufficient praise. It not only has more realistic picture quality but also strengthens the car modification system, making car modification and drifting more enjoyable and exciting.

    Get CarX Drift Racing 2 Hack iOS

    It will be much easier to get high-end cars and complete your mission or pvp in the CarX Drift Racing 2 Hack or CarX Drift Racing 2 Mod. You will need the tutorial on how to download Panda Helper first.

    Hack Features

    • Free Store (Buy everything for free).
    • But this is not Free iAP.

    Note: You can purchase and upgrade even if you don’t have enough money. But once you exit the game will revert to its normal state, for example: if you purchased a new car or car slot in the game, it will not be included in your unlocked items anymore if you restart the game.

    Tips to enjoy CarX Drift Racing 2 better

    CarX Drift Racing 2 Hack offers an unprecedented, realistic experience. You can enjoy driving real sports cars on the tracks provided in the game. If you like side drifting, get ready to get into the game and enjoy it for hours. One of the keys to winning the Battle Cats is cash, you can hack unlimited free store as above.

    We generally understood the CarX Drift Racing 2 and learned how to download the CarX Drift Racing 2 Hack and Mod version. Next, I will share some strategies about how to win.

    Try XDS mode

    New game mode – XDS, designed to help practice drift chasing. Two games. The first time you will be drifting away as the leader, the second time you will be the follower, actually following yourself.

    The CarX XDS evaluation system is completely designed based on the professional evaluation system used in real-life drift competitions. XDS mode is a perfect opportunity to practice drift chasing because it allows you to quickly adjust cars, test the tire pressure, try different routes as the leader, and then experience the role of the follower. XDS is your chance to compete with real racing drivers.

    Appearance adjustment

    • Replace rearview mirrors, lights, running boards, bumpers and many other parts;
    • Body kits, rims, etc. to create a unique image for your car;

    Performance adjustment

    • Adjust suspension, springs, select appropriate tire pressure, wheel angle, etc.;
    • Adjust engine, turbo pressure, transmission, brakes, locking differential. Good drifting can only be performed if your car meets your needs.
    • Spend even less silver for even more effect on upgrading your current car. Hit the tuning area and you can buy new tunes to increase the stats on your car.

    Spin your car for higher score

    Your goal is to get the highest score throughout the level, and your score is determined by your overall drifts, judged primarily by angle and speed. Keep the handbrake on to get steeper angles so you can get a higher score, but don’t make the angle too steep or your car will spin out.


    CarX Drift Racing 2 game was launched by CarX Technologies and hit the world. You can also follow its official Twitter account @carx_technology to get more information about each game promptly. Over 10 million fans worldwide have downloaded the CarX series of games. Now it’s time for you to join in! Beware it will be addictive! I would highly recommend that you take a break every 40 minutes.

    Ultimate CarX Drift Racing 2 guide: enjoy the free racing game
    CarX Drift Racing 2 Hack cheats and tips: how to win?

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