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    Ultimate CarX Drift Racing 2 guide: enjoy the free racing game

    Car racing is undoubtedly an exciting sport, and there’s nothing more exhilarating than the adrenaline rush of drifting around a high-speed corner. CarX Drift Racing 2 is the latest racing game from CarX Technologies that lets you drift with on-screen pedals. There are tons of tracks and hills to show off your skills, both offline and online.

    CarX Drift Racing 2 cars

    Overall gameplay

    CarX Drift Racing 2 is a free drift racing game in which you can push your car to the limit and delight the fans. Much like Drift Max Pro – Car Drift Game Racing, Dubai Drift 2, and F-PACE Super Car: Speed Drifter, you have a variety of vehicles to unlock and choose from. From there, you can use the on-screen pedals to drift around corners of the road.

    There are plenty of customization options for you, from drivers and vehicles. In addition to the offline mode, you can also enter an online virtual racing room to challenge your friends. If you’re not satisfied with the performance, you can use the tuning section to fine-tune your car for the next race. Just make sure you have 2 GB of free storage space on your phone.

    Customize your car and character

    Painting while driving a regular vehicle can be a tedious experience. CarX Drift Racing 2 has two customization sections, one for your car and another for your character. You will see tabs with various options on the button. Gain enough experience to unlock more options and purchase items with the in-game money you earn.

    To make sure you are the best on the track, you should go to the tuning zone. It lets you change settings for springs, suspension, tire pressure, and more. You can also replace various parts of your car, such as mirrors, body kits, and rims.

    Car models 2023

    This fabulous game offers different variety of cars. You will find a comprehensive CarX Drift Racing 2 cars list (2023). There are 5 tiers namely: tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4 & tier 5. We will detail each car’s in-game name, real car name, and some basic stats about it.


    In-Game NameReal NamePowerSpeed 0-100 km/hrMass
    Hachi-RokuToyota Sprinter Trueno297 HP4.8 sec1000 kg
    Panther M5 90-S1997 Mazda MX-5145 HP7.6 sec1046 kg
    Chiioko1998 Toyota Altezza RS200201 HP8.7 sec1370 kg
    Pirate1993 Nissan Laurel181 HP8.3 sec1290 kg
    Bimmy P301986 BMW M3170 HP7.1 sec1196 kg
    Panther M52016 Mazda MX-5159 HP7.8 sec1020 kg
    Rina1983 Toyota Carina160 HP7.5 sec1085 kg
    VZ 2101997 VAZ 2107 Zhiguli100 HP10.3 sec1050 kg
    Ice Ranger1971 VAZ 2102 Zhiguli103 HP9.3 sec1050 kg
    Hachi-Go1982 Toyota Corolla Levin160 HP6.4 sec1000 kg
    Sally1973 Toyota Celica160 HP6.9 sec1100 kg
    Long RiverVolga GAZ-24182 HP9.0 sec1570 kg
    ZephyrNissan A31 Cefiro155 HP8.2 sec1300 kg
    Kei TruckDaihatsu Kei Truck46 HP15.3 sec730 kg


    In-Game NameReal NamePowerSpeed 0-100 km/hrMass
    Betsy257 HP257 HP7.0 sec1900 kg
    Phoenix NXNissan 240SX222 HP6.4 sec1250 kg
    Godzilla R3Nissan Skyline GT-R240 HP7.5 sec1526 kg
    Corona1989 Toyota Mark II250 HP5.9 sec1350 kg
    Burner JDM1996 Toyota Chaser228 HP7.0 sec1463 kg
    MiraToyota MR2 W20245 HP6.0 sec1270 kg
    Falcon FC 90-S1987 Mazda RX-7255 HP5.6 sec1284 kg
    Black Fox1987 Ford Mustang260 HP5.8 sec1350 kg
    LynxMazda RX-8292 HP5.5 sec1350 kg
    Kanniedood1973 Datsun 620236 HP6.8 sec1400 kg
    Kaiju1985 Nissan Skyline190 HP8.3 sec1350 kg
    Midnight1970 Datsun 240Z171 HP7.3 sec1178 kg
    Hornet S72Chevrolet Camaro ZL1245 HP6.9 sec1575 kg
    Bimmy P24BMW E24260 HP6.9 sec1515 kg
    Thunderstrike1970 Dodge Charger273 HP7.1 sec1778 kg
    Godzilla R21994 Nissan Skyline GT-R241 HP6.8 sec1380 kg
    Moon KnightNissan Skyline R32 Sedan215 HP7.8 sec1470 kg
    Unicorn1998 Nissan Stagea246 HP6.8 sec1650 kg


    In-Game NameReal NamePowerSpeed 0-100 km/hrMass
    InterstatePontiac Firebird345 HP5.0 sec1400 kg
    Samurai II1992 Toyota Mark II254 HP6.7 sec1578 kg
    Hakosuka1971 Nissan Skyline293 HP6.1 sec1320 kg
    Warrior1973 Ford Falcon303 HP5.8 sec1550 kg
    Horizon GT41999 Nissan Skyline289 HP6.0 sec1500 kg
    Glorious XZ1989 Nissan 300ZX305 HP5.3 sec1300 kg
    DTM 462004 BMW M3307 HP6.0 sec1450 kg
    Magnum RT2015 Dodge Challenger371 HP6.0 sec1914 kg
    Solar1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse300HP5.5 sec1350 kg
    General VX2014 Chevrolet SS325 HP6.0 sec1622 kg
    Flash1998 Nissan Skyline280 HP5.5 sec1400 kg
    Sorrow1992 Lexus SC 300 287 HP6.0 sec1580 kg
    Royal1999 Toyota Crown Majesta275 HP6.8 sec1700 kg
    Imperior1991 Mercedes-Benz 190236 HP6.3 sec1300 kg
    BanditBMW M5335 HP5.7 sec1570 kg
    Wellington1992 Nissan Silvia260 HP6.0 sec1250 kg
    Falcon RZ2000 Mazda RX-7250 HP5.9 sec1280 kg
    Fujin SX1998 Nissan Silvia288 HP5.6 sec1270 kg
    Carrot IIToyota Mark II JJZX100261 HP6.3 sec1470 kg
    LumberjackSubaru Forestor265 HP5.7 sec1440 kg
    Redlines250 HP5.9 sec1255 kg
    Sensei2001 Toyota Cresta277 HP6.2 sec1490 kg
    YakuzaToyota Crown280 HP6.3 sec1600 kg
    Kizokulexus GS300/Toyota Aristo282 HP6.3 sec1680 kg
    Bimmy P31BMW 850 CI380HP6.1 sec1780 kg


    In-Game NameReal NamePowerSpeed 0-100 km/hrMass
    CargoFreightliner Cascadia1229 HP4.7 sec4500 kg
    Spector RSNissan Silvia263 HP5.5 sec1240 kg
    HummelPorsche 912435 HP4.4 sec1400 kg
    Eva MR2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX307 HP5.7 sec1481 kg
    Equator D2003 Infiniti G35293 HP6.0 sec1530 kg
    Piranha XNissan 350Z301 HP6.1 sec1532 kg
    Zismo Z4Nissan 400Z400 HP5.3 sec1600 kg
    Apollo1997 BMW M3321 HP5.5 sec1470 kg
    Penguin2009 Pontiac Solstice335 HP4.9 sec1300 kg
    Camaric2016 Chevrolet Camaro349 HP5.5 sec1570 kg
    Warden2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG367 HP5.2 sec1540 kg
    Eva X2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X310 HP5.7 sec1481 kg
    Consult GT2016 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe533 HP5.4 sec1800 kg
    Hunter2016 BMW M2394 HP5.0 sec1500 kg
    Vanguard2015 Audi RS6 Avant500 HP5.3 sec1800 kg
    Shark GT2007 BMW M5403 HP5.3 sec1700 kg
    KitsuneHonda NSX (1990-2005276 HP5.8 sec1270 kg
    Raven R8HSV Maloo402 HP5.4 sec1778 kg
    HwarangHyundai Genesis306 HP6.0 sec1570 kg
    Syberia SWI2003 Subaru Impreza336 HP5.5 sec1450 kg
    Inferno2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat485 HP4.9 sec1700 kg
    Wanderer L30Toyota Supra349 HP5.4 sec1516 kg
    UDM3Toyota GR86418HP5.1 sec1606 kg
    Asura GXR2011 BMW M3 GTS233HP6.5 sec1275 kg


    In-Game NameReal NamePowerSpeed 0-100 km/hrMass
    Syberia WDC2008 Subaru Impreza WRC429 HP4.7 sec1450 kg
    Loki 4M2014 BMW M4442 HP4.8 sec1699 kg
    LOKI 4GTBMW M4493 HP4.9 sec1700 kg
    Eleganto2015 Lexus RC F479 HP4.4 sec1600 kg
    Atlas GT2011 Nissan GT-R508 HP4.4 sec1740 kg
    Spyder2013 Audi R8525 HP4.3 sec1500 kg
    Cobra GT5302016 Ford Shelby GT350R539 HP4.4 sec1546 kg
    Cobra S650Mustang s650500 HP4.5 sec1675 kg
    Spark ZR2006 Chevrolet Corvette520 HP4.2 sec1350 kg
    Patron GT2017 Mercedes-AMG GT S620 HP4.3 sec1600 kg
    SpaceKnight2010 Lexus LFA626 HP3.9 sec1422 kg
    PrestigoLamborghini Huracan550 HP4.4 sec1480 kg
    SterlinAston Martin503 HP4.1 sec1530 kg
    X-Truck 680 HP4.4 sec1510 kg
    BlackJack F150Ford F150 Hoonitruck V1679 HP4.5 sec1450 kg

    Final Words

    CarX Drift Racing 2 is the newest 3D racing game in the CarX series with engaging graphics and action, and over 500 million fans worldwide have already downloaded the CarX series. Try the CarX Drift Racing 2 Hack to unlock a free store, where you can purchase and upgrade for free even if you don’t have enough money. We have shared how to download the game from Panda Helper. More options are here.

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