What is NineAnimator and How to get NineAnimator Download for Free on iOS15

NineAnimator Overview

NineAnimator is a free app to watch and download anime on iOS15, iOS14 that is easy and elegant to use. After NineAnimator Download is installed, there are no ads in the app and you don't need to log in to your account, which is very convenient. Many free apps are full of ads and have a poor experience. NineAnimator supports multiple third-party anime sites, which means users can watch anime content from these third parties, create anime favorites and to-watch lists. The user can have it all after NineAnimator Download.

Cautions after NineAnimator Download

NineAnimator is compatible with devices running iOS 11.2 and later, including iPhones and iPads. If your device's software version is too low, NineAnimator may not work properly.
NineAnimator supports adding third-party anime websites, including AniList.co, Kitsu.io,MyAnimeList, Simkl.com. Users can add and follow anime content updates and tweets from these sites, and after NineAnimator Download, they can also Download & play episodes offline.

How to download episodes after NineAnimator Download

Clicking on the cloud icon in NineAnimator will start the task of downloading. The episodes will appear in the Recents tab after downloading. It is important to note that NineAnimator only supports downloading videos from specific streaming sources and the downloaded videos are only available for local playback. If you plan to play offline episodes on AirPlay then you may have problems.

How to get NineAnimator Download for Free on iOS15

If you like NineAnimator Download, you can download it for free with Panda Helper iOS15.

Step 1: Use Safari to visit the official Panda Helper website. or Scan QR codeHow to get NineAnimator Download for Free

Step 2: If you are not a Panda Helper VIP member, you have two choices: become a VIP member or download Panda Helper Free version. For a better experience, we recommend you to join Panda Helper VIP membership. If you choose to download and install Panda Helper Free version, wait for the Panda Helper icon to appear on your iPhone desktop, then open it and search for Pokemon Go++ to download.
How to get NineAnimator Download for Free

Step 3: If you are already a Panda Helper VIP member, please click on the text link "Already a VIP" below the download button and follow the instructions to install the profile.
How to get NineAnimator Download for Free

Step 4: Once the configuration file is installed, go back to the official Panda Helper website and click Download Panda Helper VIP, launch Panda Helper and search for NineAnimator for Free to start the download and installation.

Step 5: When you open NineAnimator for the first time, if you see the message "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" again. Just go to Settings - General - VPN and device Profile and trust the NineAnimator Download profile.

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