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    Twitter Unveils 2020 Top Tweeted Games

    2020 the most tweeted games on Twitter

    Twitter has unveiled the 2020 gaming tweet report. There are over 2 billion gaming tweets in 2020 as most pepople stayed at home and played video games due to COVID-19 panic.


    Are you one of them to talk about your favorite game on Twitter? Let’s see what the top 10 tweeted games on Twitter in 2020 are as follows:

    1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (@animalcrossing)

    2. Fate/Grand Order (@fgoproject)

    3. Disney: Twisted-Wonderland (@twst_jp)

    4. Final Fantasy (@FinalFantasy)

    5. Fortnite (@fortnitegame)

    6. Ensemble Stars! (@ensemble_stars)

    7. Knives Out (@game_knives_out)

    8. Genshin Impact (@GenshinImpact)

    9. Apex Legends (@PlayApex)

    10. Identity V (@IdentityVJP)


    When it comes to games in 2020, one thing you may have known is Fortnite, one of the most popular mobile game in 2020, is removed by Apple and Google from App store and Google Play. It was a breaking news in 2020.


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    • Performance Experiments

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