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Summoners War Bot v1.1.0 Support for Arena Rival and Dungeons on Android

Summoners War Bot v1.1.0 Support for Arena Rival and Dungeons on Android.

Summmoners War Bot is a robot to autofarm fodders/Runes on Summoners War Bot. Summoners apply Summoners War Bot to save time and energy for farming fodders and Runes. When you have a rest, only run Summoners War Bot, and you will get higher star level monsters and higher level Runes without effort!
Summoners War Bot v1.1.0
Thoese features are only two of Summoners War Bot. We will introduce full features of Summoners War Bot to you and demonstrate how to install Summoners War Bot on Android devices and Android emulator on PC. Summoners, enjoy this great and effective Summoner War Bot!

Features of Summoners War Bot for Android

  • [UPDATE]Added support for Arena (Rival)
  • [UPDATE]Secret Dungeon
  • [UPDATE]Trial of Ascension
  • Rune Farming (Giants, Dragons, Necro and more)
  • Auto complete Daily Mission
  • Halls of Elements Dungeon Farming
  • Farming Fodder
  • Auto-Fodder switching
  • Rune Filter system
  • Waiting for energy replenishment to continue farming
  • Real-time statistical income
  • Support Global and China Server (Will add more servers)
  • Support Android 7.0+ systems
  • All resolution support

How to install Summoners War Bot on Android devices?

Summoners War Bot supports Android 7.0 and up operating system. If you use Android emulator on PC, please remember to check whether the emulator is Android 7.0 and up operation system.

Step 1: Install Panda Helper Android Version.


Step 2: Install Game Bots app from Panda Helper Android version.
Step 3: Open Game Bots app.

Step 4: Get Summoners War Bot.
Step 5: Grant two permissions.
It is neccessary to grant floating window and accessibility permissions of Game Bots app on devices settings. If not, Summoners War Bot can’t work well.


Step 6: Game Bots floating icon will appear.
It means it is able to work.


How to install Summoners War Bot on PC?

Summoners War not only works on mobile devices, but also work on PC as you install an Android emulator. LDPlayer 4.0(Android 7.1) is used as an example on the below steps, which is an Android emulator. Other emulators are the same usage as LDPlayer.

Download LDPlayer: https://www.ldplayer.net

Step 1: Install an emulator software.
Step 2: Install Summoners War official Version from the emulator.
Step 3: Install Panda Helper Android Version from Panda Helper website.
Step 4: Install Game Bots from Panda Helper.
Step 5: Open Game Bots and get Summoners War Bot.
Step 6: Grant the permission to make Summoners War Bot work.
Step 7: Game Bots floating icon will appear.
Now you can go to Summoners War to use Summoners War Bot above it.

Notice: If you meet a notice"Deactivate the Root authority in the system settings and try again", please go to LDPlayer Settings to disable the root permission.

Summoners War on PCDisable-Root-permission

Want More Details About Usage of Summoners War Bot?

See Game Bots News Section, and you will find detailed instructions about how to use Summoners War Bot. Have fun!

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